Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Press Conference Regarding DCF Abuses Scheduled For June 6 - Sponsored by NHELD

Press Conference

All Legislators are Invited to Speak on this Issue to the Press

Wednesday June 6, 2007
10:00 am
Room 1B
Legislative Office Building

Addressing the abuses of Department of Children and Families and the State Department of Education with regard to families in Connecticut.

Specifically, parents desiring to remove their children to educate them at home are being falsely reported to DCF by school administrators in order to prevent them from leaving the school system. Parents are being coerced into complying with demands that have no basis in statute under threat of removing their children from their homes.

You will hear from Isabelle Hall-Gustafson, whose husband is on military deployment overseas. She is a mother who was reported by her school district to DCF for educational and medical neglect after the school, itself, chose to ignore doctors’ notes and a medical plan for the child, only to call the child truant and the mother neglectful. You’ll also hear from another mother, Christine Canfield, who provided doctors’ notes for absences for her daughter, only to be told that wasn’t good enough, that she had to sign medical releases so the school could know more and talk privately to the child’s doctors. When that Mom said, “No,” the public school reported her to DCF, and DCF substantiated her for neglect. Other parents will talk about their experiences as well.

Learn why the Department of Education and DCF are targeting children and their families, especially special needs children, for this abuse.

You will also hear Republican Representative Arthur O’Neill and Democrat Representative Patricia Widlitz speak about SB 1094, their efforts in this legislative session to garner bipartisan support for legislation that would protect the rights of parents to withdraw their children from enrollment in public school without the fear of being reported to DCF or the fear of losing custody of their children as a result.

Find out who the CT legislators are who are trying to stop this abuse of authority, and what needs to be done to eliminate this unchecked trampling of parental rights occurring in CT.

The press conference will be presented in co-operation with Rep. Arthur O'Neill and Rep. Patricia Widlitz, as well as Attorney Deborah Stevenson of National Home Education Legal Defense.

This press conference is sponsored by National Home Education Legal Defense, LLC.
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