Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Update On The Protest

We made some impact.. the protest was a success.. I will update you further, but here is the AP news on the wire now.. DCF Commissioner, Susan Hamilton, is now on record to make some changes,

She said she was going to implement most of the policy changes in DCF that Debi Stevenson of NHELD recommended, to prevent the abuse of parents and homeschoolers by the State Department of Education, and to better handle the way current investigations of truancy and educational neglect are done.

Of course thanks to all who stood with us to bring the issue clearly out into the open. We appreciate greatly those who took the time to spend the day and make our voices heard. Speical kudos to the kids who were so incredibly well behaved during a 3 and a half hour hearing! Even the nominations committee made a mention of that.

The nominations committee chairwoman Rep. Janowski told me that after the committee vote they instructed Commissioner Hamilton to fix the homeschool problem on the DCF end immediately and that it should be a high priority.

We also delivered our letter to the Governor respectfully requesting her direct her commissioners to change their policies to end the abuse we've experienced.

I think we had a very productive day.

Thanks to all of you who attended and supported this effort.