Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Solution To Childhood Obesity - Keep 'Em In School More Hours

Now if this isn't the dumbest thing I have read this week - I don't know what is..

Just this statement alone makes me cringe
"Ultimately, though, getting children more active in school will require not just a law, but a longer school day."
The gist of this is that the schools want more money for more programs to keep kids in the brick building for a longer school day (instead of just giving them recess time back) that is supposed to help them be more healthy, because goodness knows parents just cannot care for their own kids properly! Those darn parents are enablers who feed their kids crap and shove an X-Box or a Wii in front of their kids when the kids are not in school. So we need government to stop all that from happening and to of course raise taxes to fund these initiatives .. and we all know the really healthy food and environment that schools serve up these days (wink wink, nod nod).

So tell me, if kids are being cared for so well by our government schools, why do these kids need parents at all? One anonymous commenter on a website featuring a similar article even said this:
Will the government also come and do my laundry for me? I am currently single and unmarried and there is a pile growing in the corner of my room. Also, my bathroom is dirty and sometimes I come to work in clothes that are un-ironed.

I hope once the nanny state is done solving this childhood obesity problem, they will send someone over to my house, because it's getting pretty bad in here.
I am still chuckling over that one.

Yes, our kids need more exercise..but seriously - With all the talk lately of the fanaticism of ridding the schools of junk food I ran across this blogpost which I just had to share: It offers wisdom like:
"Not only are these dietary lessons (in school) inappropriate for growing children and more akin to medical prescriptions for adult heart disease patients and the obsessive behaviors found among weight loss dieters, they have nothing to do with childhood obesity, health or sound nutrition. They dichotomize foods into good and bad, and promote ungrounded fears about perfectly safe and wholesome foods, concerns about their body sizes, and worries about diseases and death that should be the last thing children need worry about.

Because isn't it a great idea to take a bunch of impressionable 6th-graders and brainwash them into thinking that the only healthy food out there is a carrot stick or salad"
I couldn't agree more.

On another note: I have yet to see our legislators ban junk foods from their own State Capitol Building, or require themselves to have exercise time, and oh my! heaven forbid they stay in the legislative chambers for a longer day!

(H/T Eric H.)