Friday, June 15, 2007

Trapped Kids ?? CT Schools Can't Stop The Bullying - And They Probably Won't Let These Parents Leave To Homeschool Either

In this story by the Hartford Courant we see how kids are bullied in school and how unresponsive or ineffective the schools have been to help protect kids.

Here is an excerpt:
In the last two years, Melanie Mantilla says, bullies at Hartford's Kennelly School have choked her son with a slinky, slammed a bathroom stall door on his head and thrown a rock at his head, cutting him.
Mantilla, whose son is in fourth grade, and other parents say they've had enough. About 20 Kennelly parents plan to give the school board a list of demands that includes an end to what they said is pervasive violence.

But what if nothing happens? What if these parents do not see results.. what if they decide that homeschooling might be in the best interest of their child?

In the article is says: The group said some parents will not return their children to the school in the fall unless problems are corrected.

Well I have news for those parents.. if you choose to homeschool your child.. be on the lookout for the school to report you to DCF for educational neglect, especially Mantilla, whose younger son entered first grade this year reading below the kindergarten level. She was told that, despite being diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder and borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder by a pediatrician, "he's not severe enough" to get special attention at school.

She's a prime target for the school administrators and DCF if she decides to pull her child out of school to homeschool.. It's like it's deja vu all over again...

Isn't it incredibly ironic that schools say they want to stop the bullying and yet they practice it themselves by bullying parents by calling DCF to force parents into handing over medical records, or signing papers they don't want to sign, or otherwise coercing and harassing them to do other things?

Amazing .... eh?

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