Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Victory For A CT Homeschooler And Uncertainty For Another

Chris Canfield - one of the moms who spoke in the Homeschoolers Press Conference about Department of Education and DCF abuses shared this information with us:
"The state withdrew it's case, with prejudice, against us on Tuesday. They (DCF) can never come after us again with the same accusations."
That is VERY good news!

Now if we can only get them to back off of Isabelle Hall-Gustafsen and her family. Like this poor woman doesn't have enough to deal with while her husband is serving our country in Iraq! Nice that we have a state agency harassing her, and threatening removal of her child, while her husband is deployed. DCF "substantiated" her case. Now she is waiting to see what happens next, and she still does not know the charges against her or what evidence the State has in their file. The State's actions are utterly shameful.