Sunday, July 29, 2007



The American Homeschool Association is a network of homeschoolers working to support homeschooling by providing an online point of contact for news and information, resources and encouragement.

The American Homeschool Association sponsors free email lists, including AHA-Discussion for general topics of interest to homeschoolers, AHA-Libraries for networking between homeschoolers and public library contacts, and AHA-PoliticalAction for discussion of issues that impact homeschooling freedoms.

To join the AHA lists visit:

The American Homeschool Association Web site offers:

• FAQs & Information for New Homeschoolers - What to do if this is a whole new idea for you.
• Articles, Essays, Editorials, etc. - The best writings on dozens of topics.
• The History of Homeschooling Series - Perspectives on where we've been, and where we're going.
• The Kaseman Columns - Homeschooling issues and political action from the pages of HEM.
• Interviews with Homeschool Personalities - Book authors, conference speakers and many others.
• Resource Links - Thousands of resources, from all the best sources.
• Book Reviews, Authors' Sites, and Book Lists - Reviews,recommendations and more.
• Book Catalog Sites - Where to buy homeschooling books and resources.
• Publications: Online and Printed - The best magazines, newsletters, and online publications.
• Support Groups & Organizations - Support, networking, conferences, resources, and more.
• Websites We Like - Click to these favorites for more information about homeschooling.
• What is the AHA? - Who, what, when, where, why, etc.
• AHA's Free Email Discussion Lists - News, views, and networking with others.
• AHA's Free Email Alerts - How to subscribe, how to access archives.
• Favorite Quotes and Excerpts - We think these folks said it best!

And here is one of their blogs about Homeschooling and Public Schooling at Home that you might enjoy.