Thursday, July 26, 2007

Calling All Illegal Aliens - New Haven CT Is Calling You! C'mon Down!

New Haven, Connecticut, Mayor John DeStefano, is sending you an arms wide open invitation, for you to come and live in New Haven! Mooch off the city if you like. Maybe sign up for programs and enroll all of your kids in New Haven schools! You can even get discount admission to the golf courses!

Don't delay.. if you are living is some other inhospitable place like Arizona... why not just make your way to New Haven, Connecticut and you'll be golden!

Doesn't matter who you are are or where you came from.... you can be instantly legitimized and share in all the benefits of being a New Haven resident! Just come and sign up for this multi-use ID card which is available to all residents, regardless of immigration status. All you need is a valid driver's license (foreign or US) and a library card! I am sure they won't even check the validity of any of the documents that you provide - so no big deal right? And here is the application form.

Mayor DeStefano wants YOU to deposit your cash in his new bank too (see below)! You see, he and his business partners (including his buddy Yale Law School professor Bob Solomon) want YOUR business! He thinks it's not fair that you have to walk around the streets with wads of cash in your pockets and become the victims of street crimes. So he wants you to deposit your money in his bank! (First City Bank)

And there will also be a whole army of Yale law students to help you out!

This is like a dream come true for you!

Forget US citizenship.. and US or CT laws... they're for saps.
Southern CT Immigration Reform and CT Citizens for Immigration Control are fighting this, but what do they know? They just want to protect US citizens and their jobs.

C'mon down! New Haven's calling baby!

Personally - I can't wait until people do an FOIA and go in and confiscate all the records for the all of the ID's that are issued, then they can use them to track down all the Illegals and haul their carcasses off to jail or deport them. It's a brilliant plan John DeStefano!

But Wait There's More!

This just in from CT Citizens for Immigration Control:
Here's what they think about About That Bank -

1. When the New Haven Savings Bank wanted to convert from a privately owned bank to a publicly owned bank, Mayor DeStefano and the city administration put the squeeze on them. The New Haven Bank then made a $25 million “contribution” to benefit the residents of the city of New Haven. This money was paid to the First City Corporation. Mayor John DeStefano and others were the directors of the First City Corporation.

2. The First City Corporation then planned to start a First City Bank that would serve the low income “immigrant” community, meaning illegal aliens.

3. The First City Corporation gave the City of New Haven, some $250,000 to fund the New Haven ID card for illegal aliens. One of the stated purposes of ID Card was to encourage card holders to use banking services. This, in effect, would produce a list of potential clients for the First City Bank.

Thus, funds that were to be used for the residents of New Haven were diverted to the creation and promotion of the New Haven ID card. While the proposed First City Bank was to be a non-profit bank, this does not mean that directors, officers and employees of the bank could not be paid.

The ID Card offers few benefits to illegal aliens and exposes them to the risk of exposure, if there is a Freedom of Information Act request for the list of names. Illegal aliens can manufacture plenty of false ID for all types of purposes and because of a loophole in the banking act. And an illegal alien can open a bank account with an EIN number from the IRS. The card, in reality, served little purpose for the illegals.

This brings into question whether the use of the $25 million to start a bank with funds that were designated for the residents of New Haven could not be considered a misappropriation of funds and thus a violation of state laws. The Mayor's being on the board of directors would appear to be a direct conflict of interest and his promotion of the ID card simply compounds that.

My oh my !