Monday, July 30, 2007

House Democrats Abandon Homeless And Disabled In Congress

CT Democrat Congressmen Vote to Cut Veterans’ Housing!
So much for supporting our veterans and our disabled.

CT's 4 Democrat Representatives in the House, Murphy, Delauro, Larson, and Courtney, voted Nay and they voted in lock-step with Democrat leadership to block a motion aimed at protecting housing for America’s homeless and disabled veterans (House Roll Call 714).

The measure would have protected the funds set aside for housing assistance to homeless and disabled veterans and elderly citizens. By defeating the motion, CT Democrat Representatives allowed the funding to be stripped from these programs to be used for other purposes.

Gee.. that was a nice way to thank our Veterans!

If you aren't happy about it - write them a note.

FYI - The entire GOP delegation in the House voted Aye along with 7 Dems.
Chris Shays voted Aye. So did Republican Candidate for President: Ron Paul.

(H/T NE Republican)