Thursday, July 12, 2007

For Ron Paul Supporters In Hartford, CT

Someone sent me a Link to a Hartford CT Ron Paul Meetup Group. Interested parties should inquire within.

Stop Dreaming - Restore The Republic


Stephen Mendelsohn said...


Sorry, but Ron Paul's naive views on Islamofascism are a complete deal-breaker for me. Yes, we definitely need a limited government alternative to George Bush's and Mitt Romney's statist "conservatism." But claiming it is the Zionist Israel lobby's fault for promoting an interventionist foreign policy puts Ron Paul in the company of Klansman David Duke -- and Dennis Kucinich on the left. Paul and Kucinich were the only two members of Congress to vote against a resolution condemning Eichmadinejad of Iran for threatening to annihilate Israel. Had Ron Paul been around during World War II, he would have stood idly by and let the National Socialists gas even more people than they did; after all, from Paul's perspective, it was none of America's business to intervene in Europe even after Pearl Harbor.

Paul also seems to harbor a racist animosity toward African-American men; he has claimed that 95% of African-American men in the District of Columbia are criminals.
It disheartens me to have to say these things. I voted for Ron Paul when he ran in 1988. He's the only candidate in either party to stand up to the psychopharmaceutical complex and oppose mandatory psychiatric screening. But on the most important issue of the day, Paul would stand idly by while the Islamist totalitarians kill, maim, and force ever more people to submit to sharia and dhimmitude. The Islamists will not stop until we "harbis" convert to their brand of militant Islam or pay the jizya as dhimmis and display our submission to them. Fortress America may have been appropriate 200 years ago when the United States was ill-equipped to judiciously intervene abroad and when oceans protected us from the European powers. 9/11 should have taught us that we are much more interconnected with the rest of the world whether we like it or not. Ron Paul is today a dhimmi and I will not vote for a dhimmi politician.

Judy Aron said...

Stephen -

I don't completely agree with Ron Paul's isolationist stance either .. and I tend to be more "libertarian thinking" instead of Libertarian (maybe libertarian lite)in fact I don't believe that Islamo-fascism (which certainly does exist) should be allowed to run rampant, and you should know too that there is also a pro-war Libertarian stance as evidenced by this post

Randy Barnett says: "Other libertarians, however, supported the war in Iraq because they viewed it as part of a larger war of self-defense against Islamic jihadists who were organizationally independent of any government. They viewed radical Islamic fundamentalism as resulting in part from the corrupt dictatorial regimes that inhabit the Middle East, which have effectively repressed indigenous democratic reformers. Although opposed to nation building generally, these libertarians believed that a strategy of fomenting democratic regimes in the Middle East, as was done in Germany and Japan after World War II, might well be the best way to take the fight to the enemy rather than solely trying to ward off the next attack."

I support Ron Paul's views in many things regarding restoring the Constitution and liberties, and rest assured I have not yet chosen or seen a candidate that I have decided to vote for.

Judy Aron said...

I sure wish some of the other candidates had an understanding of our Constitutional liberties and a desire to preserve them.