Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Former CT Lt. Governor - Elected To Board Of Directors Of NAMI

Well, I can't say that I am surprised.

In fact, my friends and I predicted he'd land a job like this, (either that or lobbying for the mental health or pharmaceutical industry in D.C.) especially since he needed a new job after being replaced as CT's Lt. Governor in January 2007.

NAMI is of course the National Alliance of Mental Illness.
They have been called a front group for Big Pharma by many articles which "follow the money".

As Lt. Governor, Sullivan established his CT "mental health cabinet" and pushed mental health agendas in the state, as well as expanded funding for various initiatives. I wouldn't be surprised either if NAMI gave him a wink and a nod along the way for helping them expand the CT programs that they were most likely involved in.

Here's Sullivan's candidate pitch and his nomination letter.

It's interesting that he'll be working for NAMI which many have found to be heavily funded by "big pharma", and has a very questionable agenda. They sure could use a politically connected person like Sullivan to assist in getting their mental health agendas through various legislative bodies.

I am sure he'll be more than happy to help them screen and drug all of America's children.

And they will all line their pockets in the end - and as you already know - "It's for the children and their well-being."

The number of kids on psychotropic drugs has already skyrocketed.
Meanwhile kids on psychotropic drugs will be shooting up schools, and committing suicide and even babies will be drugged. It's pretty sad really. Taxpayer funded programs like Medicaid and CT's Husky even help pay for these drugs. Some states have even uncovered Medicaid fraud by the legislated drug protocols, and the use of psychotropic drugs on kids, in these programs - That happened in Texas and Florida.

NAMI is working diligently to make sure every school aged child is given a mental health screening. The screenings give many false positives and have been found to be very poor indicators of actual mental health problems, but there is lots of money in it. Whether they need medication or not, the folks at NAMI, and other groups advocating for universal mental health screening, would like to make sure that all kids are given some sort of psychotropic drug or therapy.

Also the funding between NAMI and Big Pharma for these screening programs is quite interesting reading.

In July 2006 NAMI held it's convention in Washington, DC.
here are some photos of the free tote bag being handed out by NAMI:

And as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you think that with this new board of director position that Mr. Sullivan also will get a lifetime supply of sleeping pills to help him sleep at night?