Friday, July 27, 2007

The Lone Protester

Terry Funderburk lives in Columbia, SC.
He should gets the "Activist of the Year award".
Please read the blogpost at Freedom Folks to see what I am talking about.

I do believe he may just be starting a movement.

Picket the places that hire illegals.
Boycott the places that hire illegals.
Fine the businesses that hire illegals.

Give America back the jobs that Americans supposedly "do not want to do"!

Read his story.
Then please show him that you support him.
And then spread his story on your own blog.


No Apology said...

Judy, I linked to your site, and I referred to his story, and linked to Freedom Folks, too. You are right, we do need to throw our support behind righteous anger. His livelihood is literally being yanked-out from under his feet.

Good call.

jakejacobsen said...

And thank you for posting this Judy, like you we're just trying to support guys like Terry who are seeing their way of life get stolen by illegal invaders!

Thanks again!