Friday, July 27, 2007

Made In The U.S.A.

Tired of seeing Made In China stamped all over everything in the major stores? (as well as in all of the other stores too)
I know I am.
I personally refuse to purchase items made by Chinese slave labor while pouring American dollars into a Communist country to support their military.
I went for a long time without a kitchen scale until I found one made in Vermont.
I am currently looking for a telephone with answering machine.

I also happen to believe Chinese made goods are not well made, and we all know the dangers of food products coming from China.
In my opinion, Chinese products have become monopolistic in the marketplace.
I object to that. I demand choice.
If everyone is so "hep" on globalism then bring it on..
Let's see products made from all over the place.. not just China!

But really, for me. I want to see more stuff made in the USA!!
So, since I have been doing some scouting around, I am going to share my results and also give you the means to make a choice in your purchases.

As a public service - Consent of the Governed has compiled a list of websites and information that will help you locate items made in the USA. I hope that you will take the time and opportunity to support American made products and the workers behind them. We all have the last say at the cash register!

You might also be interested to know what the US Government via the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has to say regarding what it means when a product has the Made In America/USA label.

So let's get started: Here is a webpage that shows you where to buy American in your state.

And here is the Buy American Campaign website.

Here are some great sites which offer a huge variety of American made goods.

Made In USA

Still Made In The USA

Buy American

Athletic Appeal

US Stuff

Zebulon USA

Shop For America

How to Buy American website and the book:

Union Jean Company

New Balance Shoes made in the USA - FYI - "The shoes produced in their U.S. factories are made by U.S. workers using both U.S. and imported materials. Where the level of domestic value is at least 70%, they have labeled the shoe "Made in USA."

Visit the Shop For America Blog

You might also be interested in this book by Sara Bongiorni who is the author of "A Year without 'Made in China': One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy."

And for all you homeschoolers who just love field trips, check out the Made in the USA factory tours.


Tamara said...

These resources are great, Judy. Thanks so much for providing them.

BTW, love the factory tours website! I've been on one or two with my kids, and they're so much fun.

Blueberry said...

We felt like traitors last night when we had to change the old light switches that were made in the USA to new ones that were made in China.

What a sick feeling we all had wash over us. How could we do that? I'll be shopping for some made in the USA that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

we are MIC-free in this house. thanks for the links! :)

christinemm said...

Judy I appreciate you blogging about this. I have been thinking about some of these same issues.

It is not so easy though, to tell when something is made in China.

My friend called Vitamin Shoppe to ask where her vitamins were made as it was not on the label. She was told that they do buy some base ingredients from China but they are mixed in with other ingredients. So there is no way to know what was from China and what was not.

We now both wonder about our medications. How do we know where the various ingredients are made that are then assembled by another company?

Also I keep hearing that the Republicans are trying to take away the "made in...." labels on everything. I'd like to believe this is not true. Have you heard that rumor or is it a fact? I've not yet taken the time to see if I can find the answer to that question.

Patriot said...

I don't know if you still check this page, but I wanted to let you know about my page. I've compiled a list of links to companies who make products here in the USA. I don't get paid for this - just want to see more jobs here!