Saturday, July 28, 2007

Republicans Ought to Pass On You Tube "Poli-tainment"

Well yeah - I pretty much agree with the Republicans on this one.

Let's demand they debate the real issues folks, and stop with the "poli-tainment" of You Tube types of spectacles and glitz.(Poli-tainment = which I equate with making politics into some sort of Commercial TV reality show devoid of serious or deep content and designed to reach the masses with watered down drivel and pop culture appeal).

The CNN You Tube Democrat debate was very dumb and bordered on juvenile.
I mean c'mon questions from snowmen ?
What's next sock puppets?
or maybe Geico cavemen?

Many of the videos really showed a lack of seriousness or intelligence and the candidates did not really get to answer most of the questions in detail, nor did they all get to respond to many of the questions.

I found it to be a waste of time and quite an embarrassment to American politics in general.
If this is the best that "the people" can deliver in "the people's debate" then it is obvious why we are in the mess we are in today in this country.

I would like to see some very structured serious debate on serious issues with ALL of the candidates included, not just the "front runners", with time for them to debate one another. We can have questions from "the people" without it turning into a circus.

Otherwise why not just have Matt Groening draw out the characters and have a Simpson's style debate for the masses?
Or perhaps we can have the candidates run for office ala American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? Yes, let's pair up Mitt Romney with Heather Mills or Hillary Clinton with Apolo Anton and have them do some dancing in ball gowns and tails.

And by the way - I think we have all seen enough of Hillary's cleavage. Someone tell her to please cover up because a Pamela Anderson she is not. Otherwise we could also have Rudy Giuliani, et al, sport open shirts with chest hair showing and "some bling" and that would totally be gross.

Anyone ever hear the phrase "less is better"?


Blueberry said...

Very good Judy, I completely agree! I listened to the first fifteen minutes and had to turn it off because I just couldn't take it any more of it.

You hit the nail on the head when you said it was a circus.

Kim said...

I agree. Politics doesn't have to be entertaining. If people don't pay attention otherwise, all the better. If they only want quick answers and polemics (which it seems most candidates are more than willing to supply), do we really want that kind of involvement?

Good post!

Stephen Mendelsohn said...


I'm not so sure I agree here. The YouTube questioner who asked about meeting with Chavez, Eichmadinejad, Bashar Assad, Kim Jong-Il, and Castro seems to have changed the tone of the Democratic campaign in a way that professional liberal news-media questioners would not have done. There may certainly be some "poli-tainment" here, but I would rather ordinary citizens be able to ask the candidates questions than leave that job to the self-styled "experts" from the media. The problem is the selection of videos / questions which ultimately get into the debates, not so much the format itself.

Judy Aron said...

Well yes Stephen the problem is how CNN and You Tube chose questions to begin with. The citizens surely should be the ones asking questions, but the really juvenile methods some of them used were not appropriate.

However, that being said I also do not believe that the candidates had any real time to actually debate each other on the issues nor were they given the chance to answer each question.

Surely this format needs to be "worked on" to infuse a bit more dignity and seriousness to the debate. It is after all an election for the President of the United States.

Irdial said...


Surely you haven't fallen for that nonsense?