Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Actually When It Comes To Chinese Goods The Free Market May Be Working Just Fine!

Yeah - well as more shoddy and poisoned stuff come to America from China people will just stop buying Chinese products.

Companies sending stuff to be assembled by slave labor in China will just be sued or lose tons of sales as people are deciding that they don't want:

- Lead paint and small magnets in their kids' toys (Mattel and Fisher Price),

- Poison (melamine-contaminated wheat gluten) in their pet food,

- Poison (diethylene glycol) in their toothpaste,

- Lead in their baby's bibs (here's another link), and

- Defective tires (made by China-based Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., have an insufficient or missing gum strip, a rubber feature that helps prevent steel belts inside the tire from separating or from damaging the rubber).

Looks like quality control is non-existent, and Americans are getting pretty wary of anything bearing the label "Made In China".

As always: Buy American!