Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Reason To Homeschool - Bulletproof Backpacks

Kids will be going "back to school" soon and many of them may be sporting the new bullet proof backpacks created by two dads in Massachusetts.

Now that is a sorry state of affairs when one has to send their children to school with bullet proof supplies.

The backpacks sell for $175 and the dads claim that since the kids carry their backpacks with them on the bus and during the school day that they will always have something to protect them should the bullets start to fly or should they be attacked with a knife.

With school violence on the rise since the 1999 Columbine shootings (here's a list), the backpacks might be a good thing for kids to have, but it sure is a very sad commentary on the safety of our education environment.

It's the least these kids can have to protect themselves since they aren't allowed to bring anything sharp to school. The question is, what training or protective gear will teachers be allowed to have? And now will their unions be requesting combat pay as well? Will taxpayers have to subsidize these backpacks for children whose families cannot afford them? Why stop at backpacks? Why not have complete SWAT gear for every child as a "school uniform"? Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Yup.. it's a sorry state of affairs, and I sure am glad I homeschool my child.


Dy said...

They tried to mandate the see-through backpacks here last year, in an attempt to cut down on "contraband" brought onto school campus. Wal-Mart answered the call and stocked up on mesh and clear vinyl bags. The uproar was huge, and the mandate was called off. W-M got stuck holding the ugly bags.

The boys' teacher carries. They're quite safe in class. ;-)


Dana said...

I read about those. Now I am they pass through the metal detectors at the doors?

Mr Safety said...

I just covered this in my Guide to Bulletproofing your Child -