Saturday, August 11, 2007

CNN Features Terry Funderburk - The Lone Protester

The Lone Protester - Terry Funderburk was featured on CNN this evening to speak out against the practice of our immigration laws not being enforced by our government. His competitors are getting away with hiring illegal alien workers. In doing so they are taking business away from Funderburk's roofing company because his competitors are not playing by the rules, and they are able to pay way below minimum wage and thereby grossly undercut bids for jobs by companies, like Funderburk's, that play by the rules.

Another businessman from Long Island, who is experiencing the same problem, is also featured.

Mr. Funderburk has only asked that the laws of this country be upheld. It is totally absurd that this man was arrested for picketing where the illegals were working and he was ultimately arrested because he cursed at someone - while the illegal workers and the company that hired them were not punished at all!

It is clear that businesses must be stopped from hiring illegal workers for slave wages and these illegal aliens must be deported as is required by law.

Terry Funderburk was also featured on this YouTube Video posted from Blog4Borders