Friday, August 3, 2007

CT Charter School - Jumoke Academy A Success Story

Stan Simpson of the Hartford Courant had this editorial which pointed to the successes of Jumoke Academy. This urban charter school "smoked" many other schools in the latest results of the Connecticut Mastery Tests.

You cannot tell me that urban schools cannot excel. Jumoke's kids are mostly urban Black and Latino and they are doing wonderfully! Maybe other urban schools should take a hint as to why and how.

What makes Jumoke successful is exactly the type of reform EVERY public school needs: discipline, strong academic emphasis, and and emphasis on programs and activities that enhance their children's sense of responsibility, social skills, respect of self and others. It's not rocket science. It's getting back to the basics and demanding excellence. Jumoke does that quite well.

Here's and excerpt of their outcome:
In writing, 95 percent of the 21 Jumoke seventh-graders were at or above state goal, an extraordinary showing, well above the state average of 65 percent. In reading, 70 percent of the Jumoke seventh-graders were at or above state goal, essentially matching the statewide percentage.

A few blocks away at the larger Fox elementary school, the percentage of students meeting the state goal in mathematics, reading and writing is 10 percent, 17 percent and 19.9 percent, respectively.
Meanwhile the Connecticut Education Association, and CT Association of Boards of Education and American Federation of Teacher's Union has the audacity to come out and speak against legislation to help charter schools as they did for SB 1408 and SB 637. Similar bills like these didn't even make it out of the Education Committee! (HB 6532, HB 5586, and HB 6849). The educrats are more concerned with "diverting funds away from regular schools" than they are about actually funding the programs and schools that are working!

I heartily applaud Jumoke for their accomplishments.. not only because it really does serve it's children well, but because it proves that an excellent education can be achieved in an urban school with kids who start out being academically behind and it also proves that the excuses by other urban public school administrators are just that: Excuses.

Charters are also another CHOICE for parents!

If government and unions get out of the way of caring parents and educators - anything is possible, even educating our kids properly.

And, for those who think I am anti-government education entirely .. I am not - I just believe that there should be many options in education, including "not government controlled" options. I also believe that government schools like charter schools can be successful and done in a manner that really serves the children and parents instead of serving unions and administrators.