Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kids Off To College

Middle son (20) leaves Monday to start his junior year.
We enjoyed having him home for the summer, even though he couldn't find a summer job here in CT. He really helped out around the house though, which we appreciated.
I'll miss him a bit.

Youngest (15) starts her two college courses today. She'll be busy this semester too.

I can't believe summer is over.
Back to the books for them, and us parents get back to paying tuition.

But it's all good.


Blueberry said...

Could you enlighten us on the lack of jobs for young Americans in CT?

(JK, I know the answer.)

Time used to drag when I was changing diapers, cleaning up spilled juice, and sweeping up scattered Cherrios. Nowadays time seems to fly by with my kids getting older.

Hmmmm? Do I want slower time with diapers and cleaning constantly, or faster passing of time with kids caring for themselves in most ways and great conversations too?

I absolutely loved having babies and watching my kids grow up, but I find that I cherish the older years just as much too.

Except for last night, I dubbed this house "The Moody House" with waaaay too many hormones pumping through here! Even my son, who is restricted from the use of "bored" in his vocabulary, seemed to have exactly that oozing from his cells yesterday afternoon.

Today is a new day!

Blueberry said...

Or should that be "passage of time" and not "passing of time"?