Monday, August 20, 2007

Middle Class Hispanics Fear Identity Theft

While I haven't seen an article about this in the main stream media, or elsewhere, apparently Hispanics - either US citizens or those who are here legally - as well as Americans with Hispanic sounding surnames, are facing the threat of identity theft by illegal aliens who need credentials like social security numbers and other ID cards.

I heard a caller talk about this the other day on a radio talk show. He was a Naturalized US citizen who came here legally from South America and was saying how this is becoming an issue for him and his community. The legitimate Hispanic community is very concerned about this because it affects their credit ratings, and it is a major hassle to restore things to normal after identity theft occurs.

In this report it says:
The survey results show African-American and Hispanic victims were more likely than victims from the random sample to have the crime target their checking or savings account.
As more illegal aliens come across the Mexican border - they are looking to obtain credentials that will allow them to live and work here.

No matter who you are - or what your ethnicity - there are things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. Read some tips here and here.