Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More On The Lone Protester

I got an email from Terry Funderburk.
He's a man that simply wants our current laws on immigration enforced, much like Mayor Barletta of Hazelton, PA.

Since laws dealing with illegal immigration are not being enforced, businessmen like Mr. Funderburk who play by the rules, are slowly being put out of business because other businesses are hiring illegal workers (now euphemistically called "international workers") below minimum wage and under the table. Terry Funderburk is starting a new organization, and I hope you will support his efforts by emailing him words of encouragement, or helping him out financially.

Here is what he had to say:
I am writing this to thank the many people that have responded to me in the last few days. I am humbled and deeply appreciative to all of you. It makes me real proud to be an American. I have gotten more than a few tears in my eyes when I read your letters. I can see that this country is not lost when there is so many patriots out there like each and every one of you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to write a follow up on what happened to me last week. I know that everybody is wondering what is going on now. To tell you the truth I don't know. Legally I mean. But on my end I think I accomplished a lot. Number one, I made my story known. But what most of you don't realize is that there are a lot of small businessmen in my city, state and this country that are in the same position I am presently in, or already run out of business by the illegal competition and the greedy contractors and developers. These are true Americans, just like me and you, trying to play by the rules but the rules are stacked up enormously against them just like it is with me. And it seems like all the people in charge are for the other side. Sometimes I think of it as the inmates are in charge of the asylum. Let me give you an example of what I am saying.

Last year I listened to the Kevin Cohen Show on local AM radio here. He was interviewing Sheriff James Metz of Lexington County. The topic was crime in the illegal alien community. Right there in front of God and everybody Sheriff Metz says that most of the Hispanics in the Columbia area are here legally. I reckon Sheriff Metz wouldn't recognize an illegal alien even if he stumbled over and got bit on his butt by one. Law enforcement officers like Sheriff Metz need to resign and let someone who can enforce the laws take charge, because he sure as heck isn't. That's what the problem is with most of our communities. Law enforcement agencies have become selective in the laws they will enforce. So if I follow this line of thought, being in the position I am in, 2 car payments behind, maybe I should go out and rob a bank to get the money for my late vehicle payments. I am not sure, do they enforce the law against robbing banks still? Then again,Maybe every law enforcement vehicle should have selective law enforcement stenciled on the side of it. One of my heroes is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Here is a law enforcement official enforcing every law he swore he would, maybe Sheriff Metz should apply to him for an apprenticeship to learn how to be a real sheriff.

One thing that I do know, this country would not have an illegal alien problem of such massive proportions if every sheriff in this country enforced the law like Sheriff Arpaio does. How can law enforcement become so politically correct that they feel they don't have to enforce a certain set of laws? Don't they realize that the very fabric of this great country is being ripped apart by a massive invasion? And the politicians, I probably shouldn't start on them; if I do I'll be on that subject for hours. Like the politicians in our state. What are they doing to stem the tsunami? Not a damn thing. Worried about money for their election chests more than likely. Sitting on their butts, standing up for other local politicians like our illustrious State Treasurer Thomas Jackson Ravenel. Named after the great Stonewall Jackson. I should say the former State Treasurer. Ravenel met his stonewall a couple of weeks ago. It's name was cocaine distribution. This is the people that our political community wants elected to state office. lol.

I wrote our Senator, Jim DeMint yesterday requesting his assistance in my case, I told him I would greatly appreciate his appearance or an associate at my criminal trial for cursing. I admire him, he was one of the few politicians from here that took a stand against the amnesty crap that went down in flames twice already. Lindsey Graham though, lol, if it was up to him I would have been run out of business last year instead of this one. I wrote him three letters last year telling him that 85 per cent of South Carolinians were against the amnesty proposal. I finally got a form letter from his office explaining exactly why he was voting for comprehensive immigration reform (key words for amnesty). So we in this state know he isn't concerned with our main problem, I think his goal was to get a cabinet level position in a McCain administration and he was willing to throw the citizens of South Carolina down the drain to get it. So knowing this I didn't even try to write him requesting his assistance. Heck, just a few weeks ago he called people like me racists and bigots. So it is too bad for him that McCain's chances for the presidency are going down in flames. Now Lindsey is going to have to come home and face a state full of angry voters wanting him out of office.

I am a conservative Republican and last year George Bush lost me forever the day he first said they are here to do the jobs that Americans won't do. And the Republican party lost me when they tried to push the amnesty bill down our throats. Last November, I voted Republican, but, I only voted for one guy, the only candidate that said if he won he would not award state contracts to companies employing illegal aliens. He lost by the way. Next year I will be voting independent, and the only guys I will vote for will be the ones that take a stand against the illegal alien onslaught.

What is happening to this country? Why don't the ones in charge take charge? Like the Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. This is another fine example of the inmates running the asylum I mentioned. That guy is so filled with self importance that it is a wonder he doesn't fall on his butt every time he struts up to a microphone. And the man must think every American is an idiot. Here is ten thousand illegals coming across our border every 24 hours and he has the nerve to say that the border is well on the way to being Do we have any politicians that really, and truly love our country? Or is it their own political parties and agendas they love? Why can't any of them look America in the eye, tell us that illegal immigration is an enormous problem but that we can solve it without being required to give amnesty to every person in the Hispanic world.

My city is flooded with illegals, so many of them it isn't funny. Come to my city, I will take you around to construction sites. You will find that three out of four people you see working are illegals. I live in a small town outside Columbia called Elgin, right across the street from our city hall and police station is a Mexican restaurant and a Mexican grocery store. The cops here must believe that most of the illegals are legal like Sheriff Metz seems to think. Let me give you another for instance, this past week, in the State newspaper Columbia, SC, this guy (bum) wrote a couple of paragraphs about his landscaping business here. About how hard it is to find American workers that aren't lazy so he is forced to hire what he classifies as Hispanic immigrants to man his labor force. This guy is just one more greedy businessman pocketing money at the expense of of the citizens and not willing to pay Americans a decent wage. If he was paying good wages then he would have Americans working for him. This is slander on the American people. Right there in the paper he admits to employing illegal aliens so according to our laws (if they were enforced) he has admitted to a crime just like Jo Dell Pickens did in the 27 June issue of the same newspaper. Has either of them been arrested and charged and jailed for their crimes like I was for cursing? No. For some reason they get a free pass even though the laws they broke are much more serious than mine.

All these things brings me to the point I am trying to make, that our law enforcement agencies have been corrupted by our corrupt political parties when it comes to enforcing our laws dealing with illegal aliens. These are our law enforcement agencies, they don't belong to the Mayors', Governors' or any political bodies of this country. We pay the taxes for them, not the politicians. What we need to start doing immediately, everywhere is hammer and pressure every cop, chief of police, sheriff and other law enforcement official that we will have all of our laws enforced and if they aren't capable of doing it then to get the hell out of the way, quit, resign or just leave. They are our first line of defense. If they don't enforce the laws then anarchy reigns, and thats about the way it is now. We need people in those jobs that won't give some lame excuse. In my city if the cops would get off their butts and start arresting building contractors, the jobs for the illegals would dry up in a few days. If they need to learn how to do their jobs properly then I suggest they get in contact with Sheriff Arpaio. In Columbia, probably 90 per cent of all the contractors use illegal labor on their jobsites. We need to hold their feet to the fire, accept no excuses. I want my country back. I want my business back. I want my city back. I SIMPLY WANT OUR LAWS ENFORCED.

As I said in the beginning I am going to start my own organization here in the Columbia area. It's goal is to assist all of the small American sub contractors here. There is a law that these contractors can be sued under. It is called unfair business practices. This organization will also pressure our local law enforcement agencies to enforce all our laws. No special favors for anyone. If they refuse we will start campaigns to have them replaced and find people who will. We don't need any more immigration legislation, we simple need to enforce the laws already on the books. Anybody reading this wanting to help please email me, give me some ideas, because I am going to start forcing people to do what we pay them to do.

In closing, I know my trial won't be much, cursing, lol, but I am asking as many of you as possible to please be at the courthouse that day to make a statement to my city that we are not going to take it anymore. That it is time to put the nonsense aside. That we aren't going to accept any more excuses. I would like to see the entire courthouse block covered with Americans saying ENFORCE OUR LAWS! This will make the ones in charge sit up and take note. I plan on going to the courthouse wearing a T-shirt that says ENFORCE OUR LAWS on the front and back, Thanks, Terry Funderburk (tbird19552001 (at)yahoo (dot)com) PS -Please forward this email to everyone you know

It doesn't get any simpler than that.
Thank You For Taking A Stand Terry.