Saturday, August 4, 2007

North Carolina - Love To Learn Conference

The “Love To Learn” Conference will be happening on August 11th in Hickory,NC. “Love To Learn” is an inclusive homeschooling conference event.

Deborah Stevenson of NHELD, will be a featured speaker. She plans to speak about homeschool laws and how to find and understand your state laws. She will also talk about how homeschoolers can protect their homeschooling rights, and she will give an update about federal legislation. There will also be at least one break out session where you can ask Attorney Stevenson questions.

This conference has a variety of interesting sessions being offered.

* Homeschooling and the Large Family
* A Look at Unit Studies
* The “How” of Home Schooling through High School
* From School to Unschool
* Understanding the Right-Brained Child
* Educate Yourself First
* Portals to Knowledge
* Concurrent Enrollment
* 4-H: A Family Affair
* Learning and Earning from Home
* How to Claim a Medical or Religious Exemption to Vaccinations
* “Parenting for the Joy of It! ~ discussing the art of creating solutions and living joyfully”

So if you are within driving distance to Hickory, NC do take the time and check it out.

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