Thursday, August 2, 2007

Support Mayor Barletta Of Hazelton, PA

While visiting No Apology, I read the transcript of the Glenn Beck radio show - the segment where Hazelton Mayor Barletta was interviewed. The post is entitled, "Small Town Defender Fights On". Please take the time to read the transcript. It is just so sad and disappointing to see what is going on in our courts.

It is truly incredible how the laws in this country are not being enforced at the will of these so-called "judges", and how the ACLU defends illegal aliens with the strategy of bankrupting communities like Hazelton in order to get their way.

The illegals in this trial against Barletta and Hazelton, would not even face Barletta because they are ... well.. illegal and they are afraid of being arrested!! So Barletta was not even afforded his right to be faced by his accusers! And even more incredulous was that the judge allowed this!

While we have Mayor DeStefano of New Haven handing out ID cards to illegals in order to legitimize them, Hazeltion, PA. has a real man for a Mayor. They have someone who stands up for enforcing the law and his right as a town leader to protect his town and his citizens.

Consider asking your elected officials to enact similar laws as Barletta did for Hazelton, PA - or at least as we head into November find out what your elected officials think of this issue. Rather than aiding and abetting illegal aliens, our elected officials should be doing what they can locally to discourage businesses from hiring them, and so on. And I am sorry - that's not racist - that is enforcing the laws. I don't care what color, religion, ethnicity or nationality someone is - if they are here illegally then they are breaking the law and should be deported. Period.

To that end - if you really want to do something to stop illegal immigration in this country you can start by visiting Mayor Barletta's website at and send them a donation to help pay for the legal fees. The ACLU has very deep pockets. They know Hazelton does not. But Mayor Barletta is steadfast and plans to take this to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Glenn Beck said this:
I've been reading a lot, a ton on the founding fathers here recently and, you know, they were very, very clear. The federal government should be the weakest part of our government. The local government should be the strongest because the closer you get to the people, the more it is in connection with the people and its will, and the people are speaking. That's why you're seeing communities like yours all the way across the country starting to step in and saying, okay, you know what; the government's not going to do it; we will.
If the federal government refuses to act to enforce the laws we have regarding illegal immigration, then the people must act.

I believe that Mayor Barletta is well within his rights - is merely enforcing the laws and I support his actions 100%.

I'll be sending my check out today, to support Mayor Barletta and his town's fight defend it's right to decide how to deal with the illegal immigration problem. I hope you do too.

Send a check or money order to:
City of Hazleton Legal Defense Fund, c/o Mayor Lou Barletta
City Hall, 40 N. Church St., Hazleton, PA 18201


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

We heard the actual broadcast as we were parked in parking lot in ABQ, waiting for the cloudburst to pass.

It sparked an intense discussion with N. about the constitutional role of the courts--to interpret law not to make it or dismiss it.

N. said: So if someone wants the law changed, they should go through the legislature not the courts."
Out of the mouths of babe-citizens!

N. is making a contribution out of his savings. I hope the apellate court gets it right!

Jennifer said...

The transcript was vague about one thing: what were the details of those laws Barletta proposed? Here is something I read last year. (The Web address is too long to paste here without wrecking the thread margins, but I can e-mail you the link if you'd like, Judy. It was published July 20, 2006, by, which is apparently Barletta's local newspaper):

Leaders of the Hispanic community and activists promising a legal challenge have expressed concerns the ordinance will cause landlords, fearing punishment, to simply not rent to any Hispanics or subject them to more scrutiny than tenants of other ethnic backgrounds.

Barletta said he would require all tenants to register with city hall and pay a $10 fee to obtain an occupancy permit. If they do not, their landlords could be punished, regardless of the renter’s immigration or citizenship status.

The illegal immigration ordinance, which will take effect in about two months, fines landlords $1,000 per illegal tenant and $100 for each day the renter stays after the initial fine. Another proposed ordinance, which passed the first reading a week ago, would enforce the same fines for landlords renting to any tenant who fails to obtain a permit, even if they are a legal resident or a U.S. citizen.

The man sees nothing wrong with requiring people -- everybody, American citizens included -- to register with the government before they would be allowed to pay for a place to live. Is that really a precedent you want to set?

Judy Aron said...

Hmm..Jennifer.. as usual .. you bring up a good point about the tenancy and registration with the government.. I would actually like to get a copy of the actual ordinance or resolution approved by the town elected leaders.

But I do agree that employers should have to prove their workers have legal papers, just as they prove they aren't hiring underage employees. For one thing I don't agree with the practice of creating a slave labor pool which ultimately puts other businesses that play by the rules to go out of business.

Perhaps instead of registering people who wish to rent .. they just fine landlords who are found to rent to illegals. A fine might deter landlords from wanting to take a chance and rent to those people here illegally.

Clearly something has to be done.

Jennifer said...

Even assuming there's nothing wrong with forcing landlords to basically serve as unpaid INS deputies, with none of the rewards of a job well done but harsh financial penalties for failure, how do you prove that a landlord knew his tenant was here illegally? This would effectively require landlords to demand some sort of citizenship papers from renters, in order to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, housing is a fundamental necessity of life. Letting the government impose such requirements on those who want to either purchase or sell life's most basic necessities will set a hideously dangerous precedent, far more dangerous than whatever problem it claims it will solve.

Whatever the solution to the immigration problem is, I have no support whatsoever for anyone like Barletta who -- this bears repeating, multiple times -- sees nothing wrong with forcing people to register with the government before they can legally pay for a place to live.

This is not a man I'd trust with legal authority over his fellow Americans, or any life-form higher than a houseplant.

Good Lord, look at the time! I have to go to bed. I'll check in tomorrow, though.

Judy Aron said...

Well Jennifer..

I truly understand your point.
If the INS was doing their job in the first place we wouldn't need to have everyone else act as unpaid agents.

Unfortunately, they are forcing people to take the law into their own hands - so to speak. Is it right or good? Probably not - but people, especially town leaders, are being forced to do something to try to eliminate the crime and problems caused by people being in their communities who are not supposed to be in this country to begin with. It is a huge problem for these towns and I appreciate that point of view as well. They have very real issues - very costly issues - that are caused by illegals being there.

Arizona, as a state, has also enacted laws regarding employment which make it unfriendly to remain.
Denying the basic necessities of housing and employment to illegal aliens so they won't come/stay here... well I think that's the point being made by these kinds of actions.

It is unfortunate that we are being put into these situations by the federal government who is refusing to do anything of substance regarding illegal immigration. Local government has to do something, and if it truly is a bad solution that they are choosing then I suppose the courts will sort it out.

If anything, I support this mayor's bid to do something and to make a stand. I am sure there may be a better solution then how he chose to approach the housing issue - but I believe his intention is to remove the possibility for illegals to work or reside in his town. When the INS does it's job, the Mayor Barletta's of this country won't have to make such invasive laws.

Anonymous said...

Those of you that do not live in the Hazelton area seem to view Mayor Barletta as some type of cusader.

Cusader against what? Poor hispanic famlies looking for a better life?

The real story is that this is about a small group of Italian decendent white males trying to find a way to keep control of a dead coal town that was turning hispanic.

Not quite as Glam as small town mayor fights Washington DC is it?

Judy Aron said...

Poor Hispanic families who are here illegally you mean.

Give it a rest.

I don't care about ethnicity -
If they come here legally then no one will bother them.

Currently they are breaking the law.