Friday, August 10, 2007

Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

The dabate is far from "over".

Categorically Prove That Global Warming Is Man Made And You Could Win $100,000!
Here's the challenge featured at Junk Science.

First person to prove it, wins it!
Look here for the challenge and contest rules

Man Made Global Warming is the UN and Al Gore's way of trying to introduce global energy taxation, stifle productivity in emerging nations, and take your money via the carbon credit scam (among other things).

Demand Debate! If your child's school is showing Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" - you should demand that the other side of the debate also be heard. DVD's of BBC's "The Great Global Warming Swindle" are available. You can also watch it here.

Education demands debate on "man-made" global warming versus cyclical climate change!


P Henry said...

You beat me to it!

Just as I was writing, something said, "check out what Judy is up to".

Never mind.

But this quick story, my daughter's friend father is a research meteorologist. I asked him about global warming and he said, "I almost bought into it, but then I read how the climate study team in Greenland, which is drilling down thousands of years through ice, just bought up plant material from thousands of years ago. So I am not sure what to think."

Now this is a guy who works in the field. How can the Gore be so sure?

Judy Aron said...

Gore can be sure because he is looking to make millions in the carbon offset business.

He is one of many who stand to gain from this - who are trying to shut down the debate by saying that the "debate is over".

Here is what he said:
"There is no longer any serious debate over the basic
points that make up the consensus on global warming."

That’s what Al Gore said when he testified before Congress on March 21, 2007. Similar statements have been made by numerous global warming alarmists wishing to shut-down debate.

Why do they want to shut down debate? Because they want to make it the rule and premise which will allow them to cash in on the fear and green hysteria that "man-made" global warming produces.

p henry said...

I am sure you know, but for the others.

You can hire Gore's company to advise you on how to reduce you "carbon footprint".

This is called "buying cover" and paying your critics to shut up and go complain about someone else.

mccommas said...

Well it’s an interesting way to win an argument.

Just say the debate is over, claim victory and walk away.

Why don’t liberals care about Dutch Elm disease? I mean the American Elm is all but extinct and you never hear a thing about it. Why?

We could be repopulating these trees with Asian Elms that are immune. Why are we wasting time about a problem that probably does not exist?

Judy Aron said...

Because mccommas they can make money off of man-made global warming (by taxation and carbon credits)- and there's not much to be made out of extinct trees.