Wednesday, September 19, 2007

...And Senator John Kerry Did NOTHING To Intervene

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."
You think you have freedom of speech? Think again.

This journalism student, Andrew Meyer, who attended the University of Florida forum, was asking a question of Senator John Kerry - and then taken away by police and tasered allegedly when he did not yield the floor.

While the scuffle ensued, Senator John Kerry, did nothing but tell everyone to "cool down".

Sen. Kerry did not request that the police let the fellow continue to speak, nor did he otherwise intervene. Shame on him!

Everyone else looks on as well, and no one speaks up despite this fellow's rights being denied before their eyes.

Are we so afraid of the police that we will not insure that our rights are not denied? What exactly was this fellow's crime here? That he didn't shut up? Quite frankly I would have liked to hear Sen. Kerry's answers to those questions.

No... instead what is happening now is that this young man is being vilified as a prankster and troublemaker.

Even if this guy was acting for the benefit of the cameras, and even if he is a known "class clown", this display is outrageous and that no one else stood up and verbally protested this from happening is just beyond me.

So remember: do not resist arrest if you are doing nothing wrong and breaking no law and you should be fine.

Welcome to the Police State.

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Renae said...

I cannot believe this happened!

While this man screams for help, John Kerry remains calm and begins answering the question. How could a person do that! At least he could have said, "Excuse me, why are your arresting him?" This man was not even threating Kerry. The police have the guns so I guess they have all the power. God help us!

Kathy F. said...

Kids educated in the government schools are taught to NOT think for themselves. They are taught to depend on the government for everything. Why would they protest the treatment of this young man? They probably thought the young man was being rude (instead of realizing he was asking the tough questions that Kerry did NOT want to answer). They have no idea that there is (or used to be) freedom of speech in this country. Apparently, you can have freedom of speech as long as you "speak the party line" and don't ask any hard questions. Sounds exactly like a communist country to me. We have already lost our freedoms in this country - all that is left is for a "disaster" of some sort to happen - whether natural or manmade - and we will be living in a military state - a dictatorship.

Michelle said...

Thanks for linking to the video, Judy! I'm still in shock even days after watching it. I read several other news stories about the incident, and most everyone has turned this into a story of a young man who has "cried wolf" far too many times and just got what he deserved. So, does that mean if we (the police state) don't like what you have to say (or the way you say it) we can suspend your first amendment rights?

I read that John Kerry (or his handlers) stated that he had full confidence in the police and trusted them to do the right thing. Very scary indeed. While one could justify this incedent as "preemptive" in light of Virginia Tech, doesn't that simply justify all of our other "preemptive" actions as a nation?

I just finished Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis (he also wrote Blowback, the book recommended by Dr. Paul in the Republican debates). It is truly facinating and terrifying how more and more power has been consolidated in the White House in the name of "preemptive war." Johnson predicts that soon we will have a military dictatorship for a government. I'm sure a military dictatorship would applaud the police for preempting this young man's disruption of the "peace."

Sorry for the rant. My husband and I love your refreshing blog! Keep up the good work!