Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Really Good Reason To Homeschool

In the Avery Doninger case, it seems the court just ruled that the school is within its right to regulate a student's speech on or off campus as well as on the Internet.

This teenager wrote on a blog, that school officials were "douchebags". She didn't even name anyone in particular. Her language was perhaps not exactly a nice thing to say, but I have heard much worse, and as I understand the girl did apologize to school officials. She was punished rather harshly by the school and they are not allowing her to run for class office this year as a senior. The family took the issue to court saying the girl's right to free speech had been violated by the school.

It's an interesting case.. but bottom line - schools are now dictating children's speech and behavior off of school grounds and in Cyberspace. That's pretty jarring, especially if the courts say that they are within their rights to do so.

I'd say if you don't like the school's rules then don't go there,
especially if those rules reach out to their speech and their actions at all times, not just on campus.

Yup, another extremely good reason to homeschool.


andy thibault said...

Doninger 2nd Circuit Appeal Fund

A battle is lost, but the war is not over!

A 34 page decision was rendered by the Hon. Mark Kravitz 45 minutes after the close of court on Friday. Our motion for injunctive relief was denied.

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Our lawyer, Jon L.Schoenhorn has been incredibly generous with his time and energy. I hope that we win as much to ensure that he gets paid as to protect the First Amendment!

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Judy Aron said...

Andy - Thanks so much for stopping by here. I hope you'll continue to give us updates.

You might like to know that the schools are also violating homeschoolers rights with the continued coercion and harassment of parents who choose to withdraw their children from government schools, by filing false reports of truancy and educational neglect to DCF.

As far as I am concerned we are in this together fighting abuse of authority.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Pretty scary!

I suspect that the school wants to control the girl's speech because they don't want students discussing inadequacies in the school. Of course, this is why we have a constitutional guarantee of free speech in the first place--so that we can say that the emperor has no clothes.

With this and the desire of Atlanta to outlaw certain styles of dress, what is this country coming to?

Lostcheerio said...

No better way to prove their douchebagitude than to penalize her for having an opinion on a blog. Now it's obvious she's not only well within her rights, but she's also right.