Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Stupid Study Proves What We Already Knew

A report just came out that said, Food Additives May Make Kids Hyper. This British study found that Artificial Colors, Preservatives and Additives Boost Hyperactive Behavior in Toddlers and Children. The U.K. Food Standards Agency already came out with recommendations to ban food additives earlier this year.

Golly Mabel, whodathunkit? I mean honestly one does not have to be a rocket scientist or university professor to figure this one out. Any parent worth their salt knows that when the kiddos eat food with junk in it they get a bit "bouncing off the walls crazy", or they develop hives, or have some other reaction.

The Feingold Institute has been confirming this with their books and information for more than 30 years! Their website is full of really great information too, and I have known a few parents who have used their programs with great success.

Of course now some public policy "experts" will want to begin mandating what we parents "ought to do", as others still remain "skeptical" (as evidenced by this quote):
But a U.S. expert said that scientific evidence overall does not point to a definitive link between additives and hyperactivity. He said it is premature, based on these study results, to suggest a public policy change. But the U.K. Food Standards Agency, which funded the study, has already revised its advice to parents about what to feed their children.
U.K. Food Standards Agency issued new advice after the study was published, advising parents of children who show signs of hyperactivity to cut out the additives studied in the recent research.
Of course if the garbage is cut out of our food supply then what will all those pharmaceutical companies do with all of the Ritalin and other drugs that they have been pushing on American school children?

It is reported that roughly 2 million children in the U.S. have ADHD, according to the National Institutes of Health. If even 3/4 of those kids are "cured" by healthier eating - boy, that would certainly put a dent in Big Pharma's bottomline! Stockholders might not be too happy with that, eh? People could lose their jobs and everything. Face it, disease is big business. Curing it can be harmful to Big Pharma's profit margin. We can't go around curing diseases by eating healthier, cleaner foods now, can we? And lest we forget the burgeoning problem of obesity and diabetes, which have major health implications in this country (as well as become an employment opportunity for more nurses and doctors).

It is interesting to note that American children did not start to develop all of these behavioral maladies and health issues until chemicals, additives, food colorings and preservatives were blessed by the Food and Drug Administration and allowed into our food supply. It wasn't until high fructose corn syrup was put into just about every food we eat, that obesity became a major issue in this country.

One doesn't need a University study to figure this one out folks.

It is time we all realized how poisoned our food supply has really become, and unfortunately the only ones benefiting from that are the drug manufacturers who produce more even chemicals to treat the resulting symptoms. And it isn't a wonder to know that some of those drugs produce side effects that need to be controlled by even more medication. (i.e. like the psychotropic drugs that cause diabetes)