Tuesday, September 25, 2007

GOD Gets A Defense Attorney

I think Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (D-Omaha and self-proclaimed agnostic) better reconsider this case against GOD.

GOD apparently has now obtained a defense attorney. A Texas attorney, Eric Perkins of Corpus Christi, has filed one of two responses to the lawsuit. He said this:
"Defendant denies that this or any court has jurisdiction ... over Him any more than the court has jurisdiction over the wind or rain, sunlight or darkness," according to Perkins' response, as reported by AP.

As for Chambers' contention that God made terroristic threats, inspired fear and caused "widespread death, destruction and terrorization," Perkins wrote that God "contends that any harm or injury suffered is a direct and proximate result of mankind ignoring obvious warnings."
The other response, mysteriously appeared at the Douglas County Courthouse in Omaha.
"It was on the counter in legal filing yesterday,” Gordon Rieber in the Clerk of the District Court's office told Omaha’s Action 3 News. “No one saw it come in. She (an employee) turned her back and there it was, and in this paper, marked "Special Appearance," “God” says Chambers' suit should be thrown out because there was “[n]o proper and sufficient service of summons” by a deputy."
All in all, while there may be some tongue in cheek games being played here, Chambers' attempt to prove lawsuit frivolities may actually make him look more the fool than anything else.

This is certainly one case I intend to follow. It could get really interesting.