Friday, September 7, 2007

GOP Politics

Fred Thompson throws his hat into the ring

While Ron Paul dukes it out with Huckabee about Iraq

See more of Ron Paul's comments here - especially the part (4:15 into this tape) when he says he takes his marching orders from the Constitution, not from Al Quaida. Like him or not - as a Constitutionalist he sure makes some points to think about.

By the way, Ron Paul won the Fox text messaging poll with 33% of the viewers voting that Ron Paul was the winner in the debates. That was something worth noting, however that fact has not gotten much press at all. I think if Giuliani or McCain had gotten those numbers we wouldn't have heard the end of it.

Surely this GOP race is very interesting indeed.

As for the Democrats ... yawn ... they are already printing up the Hillary Obama signs no doubt.

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Susan said...

I'm glad you blogged this. I saw this on a Downsizer Dispatch. It seems to be consistent with the 'tude and agenda since Ron Paul has gained popularity. I knew Sean Hannity made me crazy, but here's a good reason why now:

Please forward this message to concerned friends . . .

Ron Paul's downsizing message won the support of 33% of the viewers who participated in the phone-in poll after the September 5th Presidential debate on FoxNews.

Sean Hannity of FoxNews didn't like that result, so he fibbed to his audience about it.

Hannity repeatedly groaned, "Oh no, not again," and claimed that "Ron Paul's 3% - the tiny, insignificant fringe of Ron Paul supporters" - were voting multiple times.

False. A Ron Paul supporter showed what happens when you try to vote more than once.
A RAW Story commenter provides a second confirmation.
Fact: you can't vote more than once, and Sean Hannity should know this, since his network set up the phone poll.

Sean Hannity wants to silence and marginalize the downsizing message, and he's willing to fib to convince people that only a tiny fringe supports smaller government.

We must make Hannity retract his false statements about the FoxNews phone poll so that the downsizing message has a fair chance to be heard, without being marginalized.

Please use the form below to send Hannity a message, setting him straight, and demanding that he tell the truth to his audience. You can send your message here.

You can also follow-up with a phone call to FoxNews at this number:

Please forward this message to concerned friends so that Hannity and FoxNews hear complaints from as many people as possible!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.