Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Bans American Flag On Clothing - And Then Rescinds The Ban After Public Protest

I guess a T-shirt with Che would have been o.k. though.

Here's the initial article
SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. – On the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, students at one high school were not allowed to wear clothes with an American flag.

Under a new school rule, students at Hobbton High School are not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States.

The new rule stems from a controversy over students wearing shirts bearing flags of other countries.


The superintendent of schools in Sampson County calls the situation unfortunate, but says educators didn’t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.
Does anyone actually read or understand the rules that people are putting in place for their schools? This was certainly a silly rule to begin with, but it sure took some time for people to notice it.
Then this is what happened after public uproar:
SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C – A North Carolina High School that came under national attention over their rule that prohibited students from wearing items with the American flag, or any flag from other countries, has lifted the ban.

Superintendent Dr. L. Stewart Hobbs, Jr said they have lifted the ban on flags and “from this point on, all dress code changes will be made at the school board level.”

Hobbs said the county has a dress code policy in place and says individual school dress codes are not allowed.

He adds that principals cannot make a policy that exceeds the board policy, "The principal acted in good faith and said no flags."

According to Hobbs, the policy all stems from information from law enforcement of gangs wearing foreign flags as gang symbols and the board does have a policy to prevent gang signs in schools.

He said they are just as patriotic as other Americans flying the flag over the school, saying the pledge and have planned to have Constitution day at the school next week.

Under the previous rule, students at Hobbton High School were not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States.

The board will be meeting with school attorneys to look into the issue further.
So how many attorneys will it take to come up with a dress code? I guess it depends how much they can get in billable hours from the taxpayer.

Common sense anyone?