Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Socialized Medicine - Universal Healthcare - Will It Really Be For Everyone?

Blueberry at Goodberry Hills had a great post about Universal Healthcare that was really quite timely, and you'll see why in a moment. In her commentary she says this:
Universal healthcare, a blessing or a curse? At first it may be great, that is until your government doesn't deem you worthy enough to provide medical care and keep you alive. By the time you're a senior citizen you'll be costing the system more money than you're worth. What happens when they have to cut costs? Do you think the average person will be considered special enough to save? What makes you so special?
The British are facing huge healthcare costs in their National Healthcare System, and now apparently are seeking ways to curb those costs, and some propose to ban certain people from care based on what are deemed "unhealthy lifestyles".

They are in essence considering creating a division in care in order to cut costs as is evidenced by these statements in the report at This Is London:
Patients who refuse to change their unhealthy lifestyles should not be treated by the NHS, the Conservatives said today.

In a bid to ease spiralling levels of obesity and other health concerns, a Tory panel said certain treatments should be denied to patients who refuse to co-operate with health professionals and live healthier lifestyles.

And those who do manage to improve their general health by losing weight and quitting smoking, for example, would receive "Health Miles" cards.

Points earned could then be used to pay for health-related products such as gym membership and fresh vegetables.

The aim is a shift in the NHS towards preventing disease and ill-health rather than having to treat it.


"It is inconsistent with the concept of the responsible citizen to imagine that it is realistic for citizens, having paid their taxes, to expect that the state will underwrite the health implications of any lifestyle decision they choose to make," the report states."
When the government takes over healthcare invariably they will also determine how you should live your life as well... because now they (through tax dollars) are paying for the care of your body. They also will determine what treatments you are allowed and what facilities or practitioners you can see. Therein lies the rub... you see how personal responsibility in healthcare is subsumed by that government which in turn must become tyrannical to dictate the rules of your healthcare including how people live their lives, since now the government pays the bills.

Where the original purpose of universal healthcare/socialized medicine is to relieve the burden of individuals paying for their own healthcare it is easy to see how it morphs into the nanny state telling you how to live your life. (Actually Blogmeister had a great post to this effect too).

It truly is like mom telling, actually demanding, you to eat your vegetables all over again. As a nation of grown adults do we really want that?

Whose care will be denied by the State because the State believes their health condition was foolishly and unabashedly self inflicted?

Now that's food for thought.