Sunday, September 2, 2007

Well, Here Come The Mexican Trucks

Mexican trucks are scheduled to roll on U.S. highways - (AP News)

The US Border will be open to long haul Mexican trucks on September 6 now that an appeals court rejected a bid by labor, consumer and environmental interests to block them from being able to operate on US roadways. There were bids to delay the initiative, but apparently they have failed.

This Reuters article said this:
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco late on Friday denied an emergency petition sought by the Teamsters union, the Sierra Club and consumer group Public Citizen to halt the start of a one-year pilot program that was approved by Congress after years of legal and political wrangling.

The Transportation Department welcomed the decision and said in a statement that allowing more direct shipments from Mexico will benefit U.S. consumers.

The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement approved broader access for ground shipments from both countries but the Clinton administration never complied with the trucking provision. A special tribunal ordered the Bush administration to do so in 2001.

"This is the wrong decision for working men and women," Jim Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, said in a statement after the court ruling. "We believe this program clearly breaks the law." The Teamsters represents truckers that would be affected by the change.

The emergency stay was sought on grounds the administration's pilot program had not satisfied the U.S. Congress' requirements on safety and other issues. But the appeals court ruled otherwise.


Public Citizen and the Teamsters still plan to proceed with a lawsuit they filed in federal court, challenging the Mexican truck program on broader grounds. That case will not likely be decided until next year.
Gee, I wonder how many more illegals will be brought across the border in these trucks? There is also a huge safety issue with Mexican trucks and Mexican truckers, especially as they are claimed to be uninsured. I don't believe that we will have enough inspectors to check every Mexican truck coming over the border. Some people are also saying that this becomes a security risk if Mexicans are paid handsomely to bring terrorists into the country.

Looks as if the have Teamsters and other groups may lose this fight if the courts are allowing this to happen. But they are also continuing to ask people to write to their Congressmen. They say:
As a recent Transportation Department Inspector General audit report revealed, this dangerous pilot program still does not meet all the safety conditions required by Congress. The safety of millions of Americans traveling on U.S. highways will be put in danger if these unsafe Mexican trucks are allowed to cross the border.
Can anything save this country from NAFTA and our eventual movement towards a North American Union? It's time to speak up America.

One Of The NAFTA Highway Corridors

Proponents say this is good for American business.
They say this is good for American consumers.

I say the only thing that would be good for American business and American consumers is to relax the restrictions and taxes on American business that have made doing business here more expensive. This country has made the cost of doing business and hiring workers so exorbitant that now we have to import cheap goods and labor from outside this country, forcing us to lose American jobs and business in the long run. You cannot have a free market and competition if one side's hands are tied with mandated higher costs doled out by government regulations; either that or they must level the playing field and force the other side to abide by the same costly rules and taxes American businesses must follow or pay for.

It seems to me that the American government is forcing American business out of business.


Blueberry said...

I'm not a fan of labor unions, teamsters and all that. They had their place in history and did some great things for the working class, but I believe they have since become corrupt.

I can see moving the trucking industry to Mexico as a way to push the unions out of business, but in the process there will be some major issues happening like human and drug smuggling increasing, old trucks with safety issues killing Americans on our highways, uninsured Mexican drivers, unemployment rising here in America etc. We may soon be seeing a huge change in our highway signs to accommodate for the spanish speaking, no english reading drivers.

I wonder how many people will be fully celebrating Labor Day knowing that our trucking industry has just been sold out to Mexico?

I smell some rats in high places on both sides of this mess.

Anonymous said...

All those trucks carrying bombs are already cruising around the United States, they're just being picked up and delivered by American truck drivers at the border. I'm all for securing the border through inspection of cargo, but this fear of Mexicans is just plain irrational, bordering prejudice. You might want to do some reading on Mexico, FYI it's not a 3rd world country.

Lostcheerio said...

But seriously, has any terrorist ever come into the country over the Mexican border? I don't know enough about this truck issue to have an opinion, but it worries me when we bring terrorists from the middle east into the Mexican conversation. We should make our decisions based on rational examination of actual evidence related to this specific issue. Pictures of terrorists hiding in trucks and chortling over their ammo -- those aren't connected to anything in the real world.

Lostcheerio said...

Off the topic: I love your RABBIT! He is so cute! We are considering adopting a rabbit, and have nerves about it. Some seem so sweet, and some seem a little wild... decisions, decisions... I've never seen one with the coloring Tigger has -- it's really adorable.

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous - I know all about Mexico - and the corruption in it's government. I also know how their government is encouraging the illegal immigration of their people here, by handing out leaflets on how to sneak across the US border. I do not fear the Mexicans, but I don't condone their invasion of our country either. As for third world status - that's debatable. If life was so wonderful there then their people wouldn't want to come here in droves. The fact is their government does little to care for it's own people and so many of them come here in search of social welfare and a decent education, which apparently they are unable to get from their own government. That's not prejudicial on my part - that's fact - and as an American taxpayer I am fed up with paying for services for people who do not belong here legally, and I don't care if they are from Mexico or from the Moon.

Judy Aron said...

Lost Cheerio - thanks for your comments..

The bunny is a Dalmation Rex. He's 8 years old. This bunny is very well mannered. Dutch rabbits and Holland Lops are also good with kids as far as I know.

Back to the topic - Terrorism is actually part of the border conversation. Although "we the people" have not heard of instances yet of terrorists coming across the border, that does not mean that it hasn't happened or that it should not be a concern. Obviously it was a concern of the person who drew that political cartoon.

I wish the government and the media would be more straightforward with us so we could have more rational examination of the facts. As it is, when illegals are involved in criminal activities (theft, rape, murder etc.) the liberal media tends to cover it up or marginalize that point. I do think terrorism is an issue in this debate.

I appreciate your point of view though, and greatly appreciate your comments.

Blueberry said...

"Americanism is not, and never was, a matter of race and ancestry. A good American is one who is loyal to this country and to our creed of liberty and democracy."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, February 1, 1943

It's not about being racist, it's about Americans being insulted and assaulted with every crime illegal aliens commit because our government does not enforce the laws.

Illegal aliens that commit crimes while being here (identity theft included) are not loyal to our country and our creed of liberty and democracy. On the contrary, they are loyal to themselves and are going to take whatever they can get (social services). Many Americans consider that to be stealing.

BJ05 said...

1. Mexican trucks are as safe, or as the statistic prove, safer than their American counterparts.

2. Mexican trucks will be required to follow the same rules, including insurance, as American and Canadian trucks.

3. Mexican carriers and drivers have been required to undergo a full DOT audit of operations and background checks of their drivers prior to being granted authority

4. All Mexican carriers will be required to display a CVSA inspection sticker prior to entering the U.S.

5. No Mexican carrier will be allowed access to the U.S. unless a commercial vehicle station with inspectors is open.

6. Mexico is not the third world country the fear mongers would have you believe. I have lived in Mexico for the past 15 years and have driven a truck in the U.S. for the last 32. The Mexican trucks will have no impact on my wages, my ability to work nor my ability to succeed, nor will it impact anyone else. TO say anything to the contrary tells me the person is not a good business person and if he is worried about a couple of hundred trucks putting him out of business, then he does not have a business.

7. Bombs, terrorists, Al Quaida? MOre fear tactics and the opponents of the program are simply using a politicians trick, playing the "terror card". There is no way on God's green earth that a nuclear device can be smuggled across in one of these rigs. They have passive radiation detectors at all border crossings and each and every vehicle, large and small, passes through these. In addition to K-9's specially trained to sniff out explosives, drugs and human cargos.

If you want the truth and not the misinformation being thrown out on the airwaves and through the media, check out

Judy Aron said...

bj05 - Thanks for your comments.

I still maintain my position because we all know how rules are not adhered to, and people can be paid to look the other way. Many illegals have already been brought across the border in trucks, that too is a fact.

Many Mexicans already do not follow the rules and laws of this country which is why we have the illegal immigration problem that we have (which has been encouraged by the Mexican government).

I also do not believe that we will have enough inspectors to maintain vigilance especially if even more trucks will be on the way.

Sorry but I do not support NAFTA and any other initiative which will result in a formation of the North American Union and subsequent loss or erosion of American sovereignty.

Additionally, one only has to read what La Raza is saying and doing to be legitimately concerned.

So on this point and others, I will have to agree to disagree with your opinion and claims.

Judy Aron said...

oh by the way bj05 - I visited that website. No spin eh? Yeah right.

Eric Holcombe said...

"...9th Circuit Court of Appeals..."

That's really all you have to read to know where to stand on this one...

kim smith said...

There is only one way to ENFORCE the will of the people.

Boycott the truck stops and harass the owners that service Mesican trucks.

Buy a CB and jam up their ability to communicate by putting a rubber band around the mike switch with the mike by the radio. they hate country and western as much as they do Gringos and Blacks.

Call the highway patrol and report wreckless driving by these invaders every time you see one of those greasers who just put an AMERICAN trucker out of work.

Harass them on the open road with "rolling road blocks" to slow them down.

At this point: open hostility is the only way to enforce the will of the majority. The people have no representation anymore. Let us take it back by massive civil disobedience or force.

Let the revolution begin.