Sunday, September 2, 2007

Well, Here Come The Mexican Trucks

Mexican trucks are scheduled to roll on U.S. highways - (AP News)

The US Border will be open to long haul Mexican trucks on September 6 now that an appeals court rejected a bid by labor, consumer and environmental interests to block them from being able to operate on US roadways. There were bids to delay the initiative, but apparently they have failed.

This Reuters article said this:
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco late on Friday denied an emergency petition sought by the Teamsters union, the Sierra Club and consumer group Public Citizen to halt the start of a one-year pilot program that was approved by Congress after years of legal and political wrangling.

The Transportation Department welcomed the decision and said in a statement that allowing more direct shipments from Mexico will benefit U.S. consumers.

The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement approved broader access for ground shipments from both countries but the Clinton administration never complied with the trucking provision. A special tribunal ordered the Bush administration to do so in 2001.

"This is the wrong decision for working men and women," Jim Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, said in a statement after the court ruling. "We believe this program clearly breaks the law." The Teamsters represents truckers that would be affected by the change.

The emergency stay was sought on grounds the administration's pilot program had not satisfied the U.S. Congress' requirements on safety and other issues. But the appeals court ruled otherwise.


Public Citizen and the Teamsters still plan to proceed with a lawsuit they filed in federal court, challenging the Mexican truck program on broader grounds. That case will not likely be decided until next year.
Gee, I wonder how many more illegals will be brought across the border in these trucks? There is also a huge safety issue with Mexican trucks and Mexican truckers, especially as they are claimed to be uninsured. I don't believe that we will have enough inspectors to check every Mexican truck coming over the border. Some people are also saying that this becomes a security risk if Mexicans are paid handsomely to bring terrorists into the country.

Looks as if the have Teamsters and other groups may lose this fight if the courts are allowing this to happen. But they are also continuing to ask people to write to their Congressmen. They say:
As a recent Transportation Department Inspector General audit report revealed, this dangerous pilot program still does not meet all the safety conditions required by Congress. The safety of millions of Americans traveling on U.S. highways will be put in danger if these unsafe Mexican trucks are allowed to cross the border.
Can anything save this country from NAFTA and our eventual movement towards a North American Union? It's time to speak up America.

One Of The NAFTA Highway Corridors

Proponents say this is good for American business.
They say this is good for American consumers.

I say the only thing that would be good for American business and American consumers is to relax the restrictions and taxes on American business that have made doing business here more expensive. This country has made the cost of doing business and hiring workers so exorbitant that now we have to import cheap goods and labor from outside this country, forcing us to lose American jobs and business in the long run. You cannot have a free market and competition if one side's hands are tied with mandated higher costs doled out by government regulations; either that or they must level the playing field and force the other side to abide by the same costly rules and taxes American businesses must follow or pay for.

It seems to me that the American government is forcing American business out of business.