Friday, October 12, 2007

Alfred Nobel - If You Were Alive This Would Surely Kill You

Al Gore has received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work stemming from his political Shockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth", which is designed to alarm the world about the calamity of global warming as a result of mankind's CO2 emissions and also makes way for justification of global taxation and punishment of countries that dare to contemplate modernization and industrialization.

Of Course Alfred Nobel stipulated that the prize should be awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses" - but why quibble with details - the committee obviously makes its own interpretation of what Nobel intended.

I have already posted about the sham called carbon offset credits, which Gore promotes. I also posted this piece about the global warming frenzy. It's an anti-business agenda.

Many renowned scientists and climatologists have already debunked Gore's claims and a judge from the UK has even made it clear that if this film of Gore's is played in schools that it must come with a warning and accompanying notes to make sure people do not take the film as complete truth, or mistake if for real science. Watch the BBC clip on that report.

The website Junk Science has more great resources from real scientists. They also promote Demand Debate - which seeks to eliminate environmental bias in education. Another site of interest is Global Warming Hoax.

Perhaps it is time we listen to real scientists instead of alarmist propagandists who wish to make a political statement or help push government grant money into targeted hands. We all know how Al Gore is making money on his own propaganda. Rumors are already flying about how Al Gore will most likely now be drafted into running for president of the US.

I think it is a shame how the Nobel Prize continues to be used for political purposes, and will most likely now be touted as some sort of vindication for Gore's propaganda.

Is there climate change - sure - but not for the reasons cited by junk scientist Al Gore. Here is one REAL inconvenient truth about global warming.

As I have said before: We've had doom and gloomers and alarmists in our midst before - some of them have also won awards and accolades: recall, it was over 200 years ago that Thomas Malthus began ranting about how the world was going to collapse under a sea of people, with no food to eat and nowhere to go. There always seems to be someone suggesting, under the guise of "science", that we are marching to global poverty and ruination.

According to lots of similar pessimistic thinkers and "scientists", we should have been extinct by now. Last I checked, we aren't, and in fact we have a wonderfully bright future ahead as long as we allow ourselves to develop it.

Too bad the Nobel Prize was wasted on such a person as Al Gore.. there are so many more worthy people who could have been lauded.


Headless Horseman said...

What about Algore's massive carbon buttock print from his gigantic jet fuel bill?

Is that prize made out of one of those chocolate coins covered in foil? They're delicious! Like Gore needs something else to make him more puffy.

lynnak said...

Great summation of resources to be informed about the facts of the matter. I don't know about anyone else but here in Alaska climate change doesn't sound so bad, especially, in dark, cold January.

fuzzyturtle said...

People like you amaze me. I guess all those international scientists are involved in the liberal conspiracy.

Damn, you're primitive.

Judy Aron said...

hey Fuzzy Turtle - People (Trolls) like you amaze me too. Can't seem to do anything better than to insult folks. I'd rather be primitive than rude and I'd rather be primitive than buy a load of crap from Al Gore.

And yup when big money is involved international scientists will be involved in the liberal conspiracy.
Got Grants?

mccommas said...

In 1994 Arafat received a Nobel Peace Prize.

So obviously... -- Do I even have to say it?