Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please, No More Buddhas On Pelosi's Lawn

I had to chuckle after reading this piece from the Washington Post about how Nancy Pelosi is getting annoyed with those pesky anti-war protestors. When asked about the fact that the Democrat base is very angry with her for not being able to end the war in Iraq, which was supposedly what Democrats were sent to Washington last election to accomplish, Pelosi said this:
"Look," she said, "I had, for five months, people sitting outside my home, going into my garden in San Francisco, angering neighbors, hanging their clothes from trees, building all kinds of things -- Buddhas? I don't know what they were -- couches, sofas, chairs, permanent living facilities on my front sidewalk."

Unsmilingly, she continued: "If they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering, but because they have 'Impeach Bush' across their chest, it's the First Amendment."


"We have to make responsible decisions in the Congress that are not driven by the dissatisfaction of anybody who wants the war to end tomorrow," Pelosi told the gathering at the Sofitel, arranged by the Christian Science Monitor. Though crediting activists for their "passion," Pelosi called it "a waste of time" for them to target Democrats. "They are advocates," she said. "We are leaders."
Hmmm.. looks like the Democrats in Congress are having a dose of reality - and apparently they cannot effectively communicate to their base the reasons why we just cannot pull out of Iraq tomorrow.

Polls show the confidence in Congress is the lowest in years -
it's at 11%
That means 89% of those polled are not at all happy with the job that Congress is doing. That is a stunning statistic. I don't think it is just because of the handling of the Iraq war though.. I think people are very upset with the poor response to illegal immigration and Border control (or lack thereof) and the manner in which Congress is spending our money (like drunken sailors) and that they are making more pork than Iowa.

Anyway, please remember to stay off Pelosi's lawn, apparently she's had enough of whiny anti-war liberals. She'd have you all arrested if you weren't there to exercise you freedom to protest. On second thought, perhaps she'd consider doing away with freedom of speech all together.