Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Portland Maine Middle Schools May Be Handing Out Birth Control To Eleven Year Olds!

This sign is not for real - but it could happen

Proponents in this school in Portland, Maine, say only a small number of students are sexually active, but those who are having sex need better access to birth control. So they are floating a proposal to their School Committee to allow middle schoolers access to a full range of birth control prescriptions from the school connected health center with signed parental consent (of course).

Yikes... I'd say the children need access to better parenting and some self restraint!
Talk about enabling poor choices in behavior!
The schools teach these kids to say "No" to drugs and alcohol - but sex - well let's just give 'em total access because they are gonna "do it anyway".

Honestly this is what you get with more than 1,700 school-connected health centers in the United States; 27 school-based health centers are in Maine (20 of which are funded and overseen by the state, including those in Portland).

I wonder if any of those "educators" and "healthcare specialists" read the law in their state. It looks like they don't because if they did they would see that by allowing this proposal to pass they would be condoning illegal behavior:

Sexual intercourse with children under 14 is a crime of sexual assault or abuse in the State of Maine [See Maine Code Title 17A Chapters 11 and 12 especially Sections 253 and 254]. Both school and medical personnel are mandated (that means that they are required by law) to report to the state this type of abuse.

Egads...Your taxpayer funded sex education and healthcare dollars at work folks!