Monday, October 29, 2007

Sorry Al, But The Debate Is NOT Over

It is pretty disgusting to see school children brainwashed by this rubbish junk science. You ought to make sure that your child gets both sides of the debate. Don't allow your child to live in fear and worry, especially over this nonsense. It borders on criminal for Al Gore and his ilk to be brainwashing and scaring little school children! This is the same man whose own personal energy use dwarfs that of the average citizen.

What's worse is that scientists are being silenced and threatened.
Is this what the scientific community has come to?
I thought the church in medieval times was evil to stifle astronomical and scientific advances by people like Galileo, but now fanatic environmentalists and people in the IPCC are assuming that role.
They are blaming mankind, technology, and they are even changing the way science is practiced.
Bogus theories are allowed to be heralded as fact.
Case in point, Gore's timeline showing CO2 and temperature - he neglects to point out that rise in CO2 levels come AFTER temperature changes NOT BEFORE!
The scientific method is becoming bastardized for the sake of monetary gain.

Should we recycle and use resources wisely - sure.
Should we work towards clean water and air - certainly.
Should we minimize the number of trees we cut down - probably
But those are all facets of wise stewardship of our home.

Is climate changing?
Perhaps... but not because of mankind and CO2, or the result of modern technology.
It isn't because we fail to install the new mercury filled lightbulbs in our homes or drive an expensive Prius.

Climatic cycles have been happening for millions of years.
Species die and new ones evolve.
Land masses come and go.
Waters recede and then swell.
Ice caps melt and then they freeze again.
We have ice ages and then warm spells.
Mankind and technology were not the reasons for that happening.

The IPCC should be ashamed of themselves.
They should be ashamed of themselves for shutting down any debate on the issue.

The debate is far from over!

(H/T California Yankee)