Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tracking The Impact Of Illegal Aliens In The U.S.

Now here is an interesting website that demonstrates the impact illegal aliens have in this country.

It tracks illegal alien activities, arrests, crimes, legislation, and US border enforcement.

This from Global Security Analysis, LLC October 21, 2007 press release:
GSAC (Global Security Analysis, LLC) & The Publishers of GlobalIncidentMap.com Are Pleased to Announce the Illegal Alien Activity Tracking System (IAATS). A Free, Public Service Website, Displaying Ongoing Incidences of Illegal Alien Criminal Activity, Legislation, the Growing National Security Risk & Threat of Terrorism, & Other Significant News.

GSAC (Global Security Analysis, LLC) approached the publishers of GlobalIncidentMap.com with an idea of creating a free, public service website that allows everyone from your average citizen to law enforcement, and government agencies and officials, to have access to a resource that is continuously updated, and presents a visual display depicting the significant impact the United States suffers on a daily basis as a result of Illegal Immigration and the insecure, open, and porous northern and southern borders.

The new system is called The Illegal Alien Activity Tracking System (IAATS) and can be viewed at http://illegal.globalincidentmap.com/home.php. The IAATS will display a range of activities committed by Illegal Aliens including violent crimes, drug crimes, fatalities, border crossings, human smuggling, as well as activities involving border incursions, ICE and Law Enforcement raids on companies which employ illegal aliens, OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) and Special Interest Aliens (illegal aliens from countries known to support terrorism). In addition, the system will link to significant news items relevant to the economic, political, and social impact of illegal immigration and the ever increasing national security risk posed by our insecure borders.

GSAC brings extensive media monitoring, cyber terror monitoring, and other intelligence gathering expertise to the project, while GlobalIncidentMap.com provides its patented database/mapping technology and hosting for the website. GlobalIncidentMap.com operates numerous free public service websites relevant to terrorism and security incidents, as well as builds custom incident tracking systems for law enforcement, military, government, and private sector organizations.
Enlightening is the term I'd use for such a service. Leave it to private individuals to inform the public in this manner where the government has failed to do so. This is incredible proof as to what happens when our borders have been allowed to be so porous for so long. Quite frankly, I am pretty tired of some people calling other people racists if they are anti illegal immigration, and if they want to see the government do something about it - like enforce the law.

This goes beyond the term "undocumented aliens".
We have a huge problem here.
This tracking tool proves it in numerous ways.

Quote of the day:

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented immigrant’
is like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist’.

(Hat Tip: NE Republican whose quote eventually led me to the tracking website)