Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trade You My Sandwich For A Chair Please

File this under yet another reason to homeschool your kids if you live in New Jersey!

Bergen County parents were shocked to learn that hundreds of students at Mahwah High School were forced to eat their lunch on the floor in school.
The cafeteria holds around 300, some outside picnic tables are provided, and seniors can leave for lunch. But parents and some students were quick to speak out to school leadership against hundreds left to floor dining -- and got nowhere.

"Kids should not be eating on the floor," one mother said. "Nobody should be eating on the floor. Animals eat on the floor."

Added a student named "Samantha": "It's dirty. It's disgusting."

And more than that, the findings suggest students are eating on dangerous surfaces.

Renowned microbiologist Dr. Philip Tierno warns 80 percent of all infectious diseases are spread through contact. So when a child touches the floor to sit, then touches a sandwich, whatever is on the floor can then be ingested.

"I would categorize it as stupid," Tierno said. "I would characterize it as primitive, and the scourge of third world countries.

"You may be stepping on the fecal matter, sputum, blood, urine."
The reason for this unsavory policy:
In order for Mahwah High School to lengthen its teaching time, they opted to push all 1,000 students through a single, 43-minute lunch period, "allowing teachers to go into greater depth in their discussions," Superintendent Montesano said.

And apparently since the issue was brought to the public's attention, the school says it now forbids the "floor dining", and has now is opting for gym bleachers and other seating.

Well it was a bonehead policy to begin with.
So... wanna trade sandwiches? or schools?