Monday, October 1, 2007

Yet Another Reason To Homeschool - School Bans Hugging

This is just incredible.
School bans hugging.
"Last year we would see maybe as many as 10 students on one side (of the hallway), 10 on the other and then, going in opposite directions, would sort of have a hug line going on and you could see where that would be a problem," said Victoria Sharts, principal of Oak Park's Percy Julian Middle School.

So this year Sharts decided to draw the line on hug lines by banning all hugging among students within the building.

Sharts said, "Hugging is really more appropriate for airports or for family reunions than passing and seeing each other every few minutes in the halls."
Sheesh.. how about we just make these kids into little robots with no feelings.

Most likely if "hug lines" were getting annoying, then someone ought to have just told the kids to cool it. However, it looks like the hammer of authority had to be brought down on these kids.

Principal Sharts is probably just jealous that no one gives her a hug.

Somehow I don't think this ban is going to fly and I'd encourage every kid in that school to hug and see what the school will do. Yup - I think a huge "hug-in" is in order.

Well, in my homeschool hugs are given freely.


steadyjohn said...

Not to mention this nonsense proposed by Colorado high schoolers:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes. And to the diversity, in which our nation stands, one nation, part of 1 planet, with liberty, freedom, choice and justice for all."

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine my little ones in a school with no running at recess, no hugs, and no God.

:( nevermind, I'll quit thinking about that and resume our homeschooling day!

When are American parents going to revolt against our public school system? What more reason could they possibly need?

Amy R.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I have noticed that we have become physically closer in our family since beginning homeschooling. We do more hugging and holding hands and we seem to enjoy each other more.

I don't understand what the problem was with the hug lines? Does it make the adults uncomfortable? Very strange. We know how important touch is to our health and yet we do everything we can to stop it! Perhaps that has more to do with the increasingly sexualized nature of younger and younger childrenthan anything else. It has become so that the only way to be touched is to have sex. Sad.

Stephen Mendelsohn said...


Looks like they have made a real chumra (stringency) on the traditional Jewish concept of negiah -- the prohibition of complimentary-gender affectionate contact between unrelated people. Are they afraid that even same-gender hugging may lead to homosexual harassment or something? Weird.

Judy Aron said...

Gee Stephen - I didn't think of that - perhaps some parent, or the ACLU, will protest that the Jewish concept of negiah is being forced upon non-Jews in a public school. (oy !)