Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yet Another Reason To Homeschool - Security Guard Brutality

Where there are security guards in schools there are bound to be altercations of one sort or another.

In this California school a tussle erupted
into a melee and students were beat up and injured while another student was told not to video tape the incident. (A similar incident also happened in a school in my town!)
There is something inherently wrong about security guards and police beating up on kids in schools.
In this California school the altercations were videotaped by students at a birthday celebration during the school's lunch hour. At some point, birthday cake was tossed around and landed on the floor, sparking a series of events.

A female student who is shown on the video being held down by a guard said she had dropped cake and bent down to clean it up. She said when the security guard told her to clean up part of the mess that had been overlooked, a verbal altercation erupted -- and quickly turned physical.

The security guard grabbed her by the arm as she headed out, the student said. She said the security guard was overzealous in twisting her arms and, despite her pleas, he broke her wrist, which was later put into a cast.
School violence is one thing - but when the authorities are doing the bullying it is quite another.

Update: Oh my gosh - then there is this story.