Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alliance for the Separation of SCHOOL and State

Most people associate public schools with brick buildings, ball fields, and yellow buses. But the face of government schooling is changing - its tentacles are extending into educational alternatives that have been traditionally non-government. The options for educational freedom aren't so clear anymore. Not only that, but government schooling is beginning to extend into the children's mental and physical healthcare, with little regard for parental input. There are controls and mandates arising that are pretty alarming, even for parents who totally support public education.

The Alliance for the Separation of School and State says this:
Government schooling stands in direct opposition to the liberty this country was founded on. It fosters unquestioning obedience, acceptance of authority, herd mentality, and dependency...

For more than 220 years - from the 1620s to the 1840s - most American schooling was independent of government control, subsidy, and influence. From this educational freedom the American Republic was born.

We believe parents, and not the state, should be in charge of their children's education. That is not so far fetched... Consider that 8 million children already learn free of state control. We're not starting from scratch here. The snowball of educational independence is already rolling.

Families who desire freedom to control the education of their own children are being subtly but materially undermined. Parents and families need to have information to make fully informed choices for educational freedom. By helping them choose resolutely independent education, they and their children benefit, as will the future of freedom. Teaching families a true and vigorous educational independence is not optional if we want to build a freer future for all of us is what the Alliance is about. The Alliance has been putting their energy into building the framework that is necessary to educate parents and empower their educational choices. The Alliance believes that helping families discover and choose education in which the government is not involved helps keep freedom itself alive.
With Alan Schaeffer at the helm, as President, the Alliance is working on some projects to reach out to more people. Check out their website if you haven't done so already.

I have to mention that my opponent in the November 2006 elections, State Rep. Andrew Fleischmann criticized me for signing the Alliance's online declaration. Fleischmann is a Progressive Social Democrat, and co-chair of the Education Committee in our state legislature, that firmly believes in bigger, more intrusive, government. Because he had nothing better to criticize me for, he made a stink out of the fact that several years ago I signed the Alliance's online declaration, regarding getting government out of education. Actually, I had been so annoyed with the unconstitutional federal meddling in education with No Child Left Behind legislation that I "signed" on electronically.

Rep. Fleischmann even went to so far as to claim that I was "anti"-public education in our debates last year. For the record, I am not "anti" anything... I am for better education for everyone all around. I am for having many educational choices available to families, and that includes choices not controlled by the government, and I am for parental rights. I am for smaller and less intrusive government. Publicly funded education is currently broken and failing many children, and at the same time bankrupting many municipalities. Representatives like Fleischmann believe the solution is to throw more money at public education and to put kids into the system younger, and keep them there for a longer period of time.

CT government schools are keeping children hostages and harassing families who wish to home educate. No legislator should enable this practice, or allow coercive tactics by our CT State Department of Education to continue.

This is precisely why organizations like Separation of School and State exist.


Dana said...

Great entry, Judy. That is why these organizations exist. It bothers me that we have to organize into these groups in order to attempt to secure what should be naturally considered the right of the individual.

mccommas said...

Well Judy you had to have been expecting that! I mean Come on!

He will try to turn you into a monster and don't expect to be treated fairly in your local rag because you won't be unless you buy it.

Good luck. -- And where do I send the check?

Got a website yet? You got to have a website. I think they are a real bargain. People will come to you.

I think you are wrong about No Child though. I think testing is one thing the government should be doing and in my town we have failing schools. Without No Child we would not think we were in trouble. Anything that makes the Unions and the liberal Nanny Staters squeal in pain can not be all bad!

mccommas said...

Federal Government I meant to say.

mccommas said...

I know what you mean about unconstitutional federal meddling though.

I used to live in Killingly and something called the New England something or other ordered the elected officials to build a new high school.

Now Judy, there is nothing not one thing wrong with that building at all. It’s just old. And it’s not even that old. I think maybe 30-50. We put a new roof on it about 10 years ago.

Why did we authorize that when it was so unsuitable?

I went to school in the same building my mother did --- and they are still using it. I am 40 years old. Do the math. It’s ancient but still perfectly functional. Still looks great too.

But this un-elected agency –who ever they are -- would hear none of it. They would strip Killingly of its accreditation if they did not comply. They had about as much choice as a bank teller does when asked to put the money in the bag or else.

The voters rejected it at referendum a bunch of times before they finally gave in.

And get this. It’s OK for the BOE to use that same exact building for grammar school. Why it’s not OK for High School kids but OK for grammar school kids is huge mystery to me.

They will need new lockers. Those little munchkins will never be able to reach the top shelves of the old ones.

An American Believer said...

Thank you for this fine entry.

I hope you and all homeschooling advocates are doing your research if you're unfamiliar with Ron Paul and then doing all you can to support the only candidate who has a proven track record of being loyal to the U.S. Constitution.
Please see where you will see a link to "Homeschoolers for Ron Paul" Please contact your state coordinator or volunteer to be your state's coordinator. There's no time to waste!

Please consider voting for Ron Paul in your primaries, even if you temporarily need to change party affiliation and please encourage others to do the same!

Let's get back to limited government, the Constitution and FREEDOM!