Friday, November 2, 2007

CT Teachers Will Travel To China

This little ditty from the Hartford Courant Ed Briefs caught my eye today:
Eighteen Connecticut educators will travel to Shandong Province in November to connect with counterparts in China through the Connecticut-Shandong Sister School Project established by the state Department of Education, Gov. M. Jodi Rell has announced.

The educators taking part are from the public schools in Andover, Marlborough, Hebron, the RHAM district in Hebron, Derby, Simsbury, Branford, Stonington, New London, Woodbridge and Stamford.

The sister school project is the result of an agreement signed in January 2003 by the state and Shandong officials that was renewed in 2005.

There are now more than 75 Connecticut schools with partnerships with the province in China.

During the trip in November, the educators will visit the Ministry of Education in Beijing and the Shandong education department in Jinan and learn about the Chinese education system. They will also visit their sister schools to plan for future exchange programs.
Why on Earth do they need to learn about the Communist Chinese methods in education? Children are enrolled in kindergarten at the age of three. There are state-run schools as well as university run schools. Some are factory run schools. Kindergartens are either half-day, full-time or boarding programs. Kids are compelled to attend for the better part of the day and night and weekends, they are fully indoctrinated in Communist belief.

The pressure to succeed is great, and parents fret over how their "one child" will be educated.

Kids are taught to obey and to live for nothing than to contribute to the Communist goals. Government totally controls education. The Communist Party of China has played a major role in managing education since 1949. Is this the type of "best practices" CT educators wish to bring home with them?

Wanna bet that CT taxpayers are most likely paying for these junkets?