Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ICE Raids In Hartford CT

The Hartford Courant reported:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is doing their job in the Parkville section of Hartford!
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson, Paula Grenier, said Friday that nine people were detained in Hartford, although she said the names, nationality and addresses of those arrested were not available. She said an ICE fugitive operation team arrested one person on an outstanding deportation order.

The others were apparently swept up in the raid, suspected of being illegal immigrants. Grenier declined to say how many warrants agents were trying to serve Friday.

"It was a routine operation by a fugitive operation team," she said.

Word of the raids spread rapidly in Parkville, which has seen an influx of Brazilians in recent years. Sources said the raids began at about 7 a.m. and ICE agents went to homes and businesses on Park, South Whitney and Carpenter streets.
All I can say is that I hope it continues.

One 19 year old born in the U.S. of Brazilian parents said, "I don't know why they don't let the people work, have a nice life," he said.

I think the comments made to the article are incredibly telling of the sentiment that is growing against illegal immigration. One excerpt of a commenter's reply on the feedback forum of the article said this:
Well Bruno, ask your parent why did they leave Brazil and come to America. They'll likely say it's because life and work is much better in America.

It's better because we're not corrupt. We have laws (from civil to property to intellectual) that are enforced. We have little corruption (people breaking the law).

So you see Bruno, what your parents are doing here is exactly why they left Brazil.
another said this:
Hiring and Harboring Illegal Aliens - Nationwide Boycott
Please participate in a nationwide boycott of:

* Businesses that should have ethnic diversity in their workforce and do not (exempt family-owned and operated restaurants, etc).

* Businesses that do not use the Federal E-Verify program to verify the validity of SSI numbers.

* Businesses who use shady business practices through subcontractors for the hiring of illegal alien employees. Such practices serve as a buffer from the legal consequences of breaking federal law and give the illusion to consumers that they are an honorable business (WalMart, Del Monte Fresh Foods, etc).

* Businesses who cater and fund illegal aliens of any ethnic origin (Bank of America, Ford Foundation, Wells Fargo and others).

* Sanctuary Cities/Cities who break federal immigration law and contribute to making the problem of illegal aliens worse for all Americans (San Francisco, New York, New Haven and others - list of sanctuary cities can be located at: http://www.ojjpac.org/sanctuary.asp ).

I call on all American patriots to use their powers of observation and the influential power of nationwide boycotts to businesses and cities that violate federal law or in some way contribute to making life for Americans more difficult due to their practice of hiring and funding of illegal aliens and the burdening costs to American taxpayers that they create. Cities that carry ordinances blocking police involvement, issue driver's licenses, ID cards, etc.

If you're not sure about a business, simply ask the manager/owner of businesses if they comply with using the E-Verify program that confirms their SSI# as valid. If not, you have your answer as to what to do next ... Tell them their workforce should reflect ethnic diversity and because it is lacking that you will be boycotting their business until ethnic diversity is clearly present. If their employees have no mastery of English, let them know that you do not appreciate lousy customer service from employees who cannot speak English. Let them know that you will be asking all of your friends and family to boycott their business until they use E-Verify and a visible difference is noted concerning ethnic diversity and English as the language of employees while conducting commerce. Hurt them where it truly counts, in the pocketbook and reward businesses across this country who follow immigration laws with your patronage and let them know you appreciate their patriotism.

Please be an informed consumer and look at product labels for where they are made. Since Mexico is THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR to our growing problem with illegal aliens (over 57%), boycott all products made in Mexico until their government stops handing out road maps on how to enter this country illegally, stops giving illegal aliens every encouragement possible to break our laws, stops encouraging the Reconquista movement to reclaim through occupation numerous States in our Republic. Mexico is a very wealthy country and their is no excuse for their citizens to be entering this country illegally. They have plenty of wealth to end the problems their nations faces and their refusal to do so is no longer acceptable. Hold Mexico accountable for exporting their poor and encouraging the occupation and political takeover of our great nation.
The comments go on and on. People are fed up with illegal immigration and the cost to U.S. taxpayers in education, social programs and crime.

The Courant reports that:
raids by ICE fugitive operations teams, started in 2003, have dramatically increased in the past year. The teams target immigrants with a standing deportation order, but also arrest other immigrants they believe are in the U.S. illegally.

By the end of September, the 75 fugitive operation teams in the U.S. had detained about 30,400 people in this fiscal year, almost double the number detained in all of fiscal 2006, according to ICE. There are about 595,000 fugitive immigrants in the country, ICE estimates.

Sweeps by ICE fugitive operation teams in New Haven in June led to demonstrations and are being aggressively challenged in federal immigration court in Hartford by a team of law professors and students from Yale's Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization.

Jason McGahan, a member of Stop the Raids, a Trinity College-based group, said activists will help any of the people detained Friday who want it.

"It drives home that we have to mobilize in response to these attacks if we are going to protect the immigrant community. Otherwise they are sure to continue," he said.

Peter Gadiel, a member of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania-based 9/11 Families for a Secure America, said such raids simply enforce the law.

"They are one necessary aspect of enforcing our immigration law, in addition to such measures of depriving them of getting jobs," he said.

List of sanctuary cities.

Here's the toll free number to Report Illegal immigrants to ICE


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. Illegal immigration is a pretext for national id cards and the police state.

Consider this. If ICE is to go around doing raids on people and palces, the only way to separate commingling Americans, legal immigrants and guest workers from illegal immigrants it to issue everyone in the USA with a national ID card, and then to compel everyone to carry one with them at all times.

That way, if anyone is stopped in the street you can tell instantly wether or not they have a right to be in the country.

The problem with that is not so obvious, but has particular significance for a 'great melting pot' country like america. People in that great country come from all over the world legally. They are not obliged to speak perfect english, and even if they do, there is no way of telling a real American from an illegal alien, because Americans are all different from each other in their appearance.

This means that the understaffed ICE will have to target the most likely places and suspects in order to be efficient and effective. That means anyone with brown skin, anyone who has an accent, anyone who lives in a part of a city where these types of people aggregate.

The new type of ICE policing will happen like this: a target area fitting the profile is surrounded, cordoned off and all the people in it processed. If you do not have papers, you are detained until you can prove that you are an American or legal, otherwise you are deported.

Does that look like the America we knew and loved? It sounds more like war time Germany to me.

This is the inevitable conclusion of anti illegal immigrant hysteria; the creation of a police state where the majority, the American citizens, have a totalitarian ID card system and random searches imposed on them regularly and indefinitely. I say indefinitely because no one would dismantle such a system after it was installed, because it is so effective in routing out illegal immigrants. Then of course, there are all the secondary uses of ID cards, but I will not go into that now.

The illegal immigrant problem is a real and destabilizing one, both in the USA and in Europe, where we are starting to see the extreme measures being rolled out; the Dutch are paying refugees to leave the country:


and the Italians have enacted new laws allowing the expulsion of groups of people who are undesirable:

Daily Mail

Both of these countries have compulsory ID cards by the way.

We are on the brink of the restoration of the republic with Ron Paul. By all means, expel illegal immigrants where they are found, but be wary of boosting all these calls for measures that rely on using the totalitarian apparatus of the state to rout out these criminals.

As for the boycotts, I have to agree with the comment that places that use staff that do not speak perfect English should not get your money.

This is a complex problem. The first thing that needs to be done is the southern border of the USA must be closed off, and all the US troops deployed over the globe minding other people's business moved there to interdict anyone trying to sneak in.

Then we can start to weed out these criminals whilst preserving our country and dignity.

Judy Aron said...

I agree completely.
I don't think we need I.D. cards though, we need border control.
We need to stop giving out driver's licenses and other identification without proof of citizenship.
We need to stop giving social benefits and jobs to those here illegally. We have the means now to do this without ID cards.

Robert said...

I'm not worried about a national ID and will live with the inconveniences if that is what it takes to rid ourselves of the malignent disease of illegal aliens. When fighting disease some good cells are killed to get all the bad ones.So those of you who use the loss of a freedom argument would refuse treatment. I do not think so, you do not realize the seriousness of this problem.

Judy Aron said...

robert - Does "show me your papers" mean anything to you?
Sorry - I am dead set against a national ID card. There are other ways to root out illegals.

Anonymous said...

Border control cannot work, because we also have airports. Many people simply overstay their legal visas, and thus, become undocumented people without permission to stay. Beyond this, border security is expensive and energy-intensive.

Right now, we check status on people who are convicted of some crime. (I think in some cases, it's under arrest too.) We're expanding this to include checking for status when people apply for jobs -- but the problem is that there are inaccurate records at Social Security.

By limiting the number of situations where we check for identification, to these and a few other key situations, we can more effectively regulate unauthorized immigration, without expanding police powers. (In fact, the main reason why the number of unauthorized workers has grown so much is because there's been no enforcement of existing laws regarding work.* Instead, the ICE have focused on people already violating the law, making the work very decentralized and expensive.)

The current tactic of mass raids isn't effective. Unless they have very good targets, they net few people, and cost a lot of money, and result in citizens being harassed. (In some situations, they harassed white and black workers, who were clearly Americans. Obviously, these cops had another agenda not related to immigration.) Over time, these raids will net fewer and fewer people, as people move underground.

* The reason why the law has looked the other way about enforcement is because the business owners, especially small business owners, have local political influence. They need the labor, but are unwilling to demand changes to immigration laws to allow workers to immigrate legally. They are also unwilling to work with American workers. Hiring immigrants illegally, and encouraging their presence in the USA, is their path of least resistance.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a slaughter house for 13 years and we hired a lot of hispanic and they paid taxes just like we did. If someone could answer my question about all the money they pay to the federal and social security were does the money go to and we are still broke. Does anybody knows were the money goes.

Anonymous said...

I had a baby with a patriot(as you call americans) when I was 16. My mother had to support the baby and I because this patriot did not work, still does not work. I put myself through school and raised my son. I met an illegal alien and with his hard working spirit, today I am off welfare, own a home and live very well. Leave them alone, they come here to work and contribute to our economy and are here to work. Remember, they do not get tax returns and who is benefiting from that? you, your kids and your fellow patriots.

Karen said...

So glad you got to straighten your life out. The fact is your illegal alien boyfriend/husband (you didn't specify) is still here illegally and is breaking the law.

Do you feel ignoring our laws is justifiable? Is that what you will teach your child? Will you teach your child that if you can't get caught doing something illegal that you should do it if it benefits you?

You my dear are aiding and abetting and condoning illegal activity. You too are breaking the law.

Because you made bad choices and had a child with a man who was a loser does not justify your partner's illegal activity.

Sorry - but no one benefits from illegal aliens I don't care how hard he works or pays taxes. He can work and pay taxes as a naturalized citizen - just like my husband does.