Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A New Book!

My friend, and fellow homeschool supporter, Gard Goldsmith has just released his new book: Live Free or Die: Essays on Liberty by New Hampshire Libertarians

In it you will find authoritative essays on economics, political philosophy, US History, Constitutional law, and special pieces on NH history. The book also contains short fiction by Gard and by El G Grande, and an unproduced script. Gard worked hard on this book, and decided to include material his father wrote between WWII and the time he died in 2003.

For those who love liberty, this will be an insightful and long-lasting document to obtain. It'll make a nice holiday gift too!

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mccommas said...

There is a story in the Hartford Communist about NH Friday.

I never read that rag but I was drawn to this front page story because I have been thinking the same thing.

75 cents now for that rag?

I have not read it yet. Maybe I should get on that before I write this but the gist of the story is that old timers are unhappy with the new liberal people that are moving in.

The new people are more liberal and they are slowly transforming NH to be like every other state in New England. And its breaking the old timers' hearts.

My sister lives there and she is a Democrat. I have warned her that if she lets them, the Democrats will change what she loves about NH forever.