Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Police Now Have Live Feed of Videos From Inside School

Demarest, NJ, school district installs live video feed from the school to the police station.

Well, chalk another one up for Big Brother. Of course this is done under the guise of "for the kids' protection". They claim that this is done because of the threat of school shootings. The police can "patrol" without even being there. Such is the cutting edge of technology in school security. Isn't it nice that they also have privacy issues in mind?
Patrolling officers have access to the video feed from headquarters and several laptops. To address privacy concerns, all of the cameras are installed in public areas and are not equipped to pick up audio.

The video capabilities are extremely impressive. Each of the laptops can pick up 16 different angles at one time, turning a single operator into a mobile surveillance team.


Schools Superintendent Larry Hughes says if nothing else, the ability to digitally timestamp and archive the video should discourage bad, even criminal behavior.
So next time you have the urge to steal someone's lunch or break into someone's locker or create other mayhem ... you'd better think twice.

Do you think they are watching the teachers too? How about installing a camera in the teacher's lounge? Now that could be interesting.

The report also said this:
Students seem pleased with the high-tech devices.

"I would want the police to be there right away if something happened to our school. Especially with all these bomb scares happening now, I know the high school had a couple," says one student.
What does this say about conditioning kids to find it acceptable to being watched all the time? They grow up to be adults who find it equally acceptable, because it is "done for their protection".

For some other kids perhaps this is yet another reason why they might want to shoot up a school to begin with???

I asked my daughter what she thought of this, and she replied, "Don't they do this in prisons?"

So what do you think about this?
For me it's yet another reason to homeschool.