Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is what the problem is.
The purposeful intention by these illegals of the destruction of this country.
The people speaking out against people like this illegal alien are not racists, they are people who want to preserve America from this brand of Socialist and Communist thought. Think about that next time you see someone wearing a "Che" shirt.

Hugo Chavez, Al Quaida, and the Mexican movement plan the annihilation of American society by a variety of actions: warfare,illegal immigration, flooding our labor market with people willing to work for slave wages, denial of American identity aimed at undermining our foundations. They work to distort American history and destroy the wealth of our middle class. They are the looters and parasites, the likes of which people likeAyn Rand wrote about.

They attack political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of AMERICANS.

Believe it.
It's here.

My kudos to states like Oklahoma who are taking a stand. Oklahoma has just enacted the toughest laws against illegal immigration in the country called the "Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007".

-Illegal aliens may NOT receive public assistance
-Anyone arrested for a felony or drinking and driving will have their citizenship verified
-It is now a felony to knowingly transport illegal aliens, which creates state barriers to hiring illegal aliens
-All State Contractors must check the immigration status of workers and require proof of citizenship to receive certain government benefits.

We all need to lobby our state legislators to do the same.
- No public assistance to illegal aliens
- No in-state tuition breaks for illegal aliens
- No free education money to illegal aliens
- No heating assistance to illegal aliens
- Punish employers that hire illegal aliens

Any legislator that helps to pass laws that assist illegal immigrants should be voted out of office. Spare me the "undocumented aliens" euphemism. Spare me the line about "what about their children" (they can take them home to their native country with them). Spare me the nonsense about them taking jobs "no other American will do" (yes, Americans won't work for slave labor wages).

If people want to be here in this country - fine - but they have to be here legally like millions of other have done so and continue to do.

All one has to do is look at Reconquista and the Atzlan movement to understand what is really happening here. We are being invaded and bankrupted by these people on purpose, and there are other anti-American organizations out there using the same tactics as well.

We need to put an end to it.
Oh, and we do not need I.D. cards to do this.