Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is what the problem is.
The purposeful intention by these illegals of the destruction of this country.
The people speaking out against people like this illegal alien are not racists, they are people who want to preserve America from this brand of Socialist and Communist thought. Think about that next time you see someone wearing a "Che" shirt.

Hugo Chavez, Al Quaida, and the Mexican movement plan the annihilation of American society by a variety of actions: warfare,illegal immigration, flooding our labor market with people willing to work for slave wages, denial of American identity aimed at undermining our foundations. They work to distort American history and destroy the wealth of our middle class. They are the looters and parasites, the likes of which people likeAyn Rand wrote about.

They attack political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of AMERICANS.

Believe it.
It's here.

My kudos to states like Oklahoma who are taking a stand. Oklahoma has just enacted the toughest laws against illegal immigration in the country called the "Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007".

-Illegal aliens may NOT receive public assistance
-Anyone arrested for a felony or drinking and driving will have their citizenship verified
-It is now a felony to knowingly transport illegal aliens, which creates state barriers to hiring illegal aliens
-All State Contractors must check the immigration status of workers and require proof of citizenship to receive certain government benefits.

We all need to lobby our state legislators to do the same.
- No public assistance to illegal aliens
- No in-state tuition breaks for illegal aliens
- No free education money to illegal aliens
- No heating assistance to illegal aliens
- Punish employers that hire illegal aliens

Any legislator that helps to pass laws that assist illegal immigrants should be voted out of office. Spare me the "undocumented aliens" euphemism. Spare me the line about "what about their children" (they can take them home to their native country with them). Spare me the nonsense about them taking jobs "no other American will do" (yes, Americans won't work for slave labor wages).

If people want to be here in this country - fine - but they have to be here legally like millions of other have done so and continue to do.

All one has to do is look at Reconquista and the Atzlan movement to understand what is really happening here. We are being invaded and bankrupted by these people on purpose, and there are other anti-American organizations out there using the same tactics as well.

We need to put an end to it.
Oh, and we do not need I.D. cards to do this.


Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez, Al Quaida, and the Mexican movement

Whoah there.

Hugo Chavez is under direct attack from the Bush administration over his country's oil reserves. If America was being attacked the way that Venezuela is being attacked, the whole country would be up in arms.

There is no such thing as 'Al Quaeda' it is a creation of the CIA. You can check this for yourself on Google. Even if there WAS an 'Al Quaeda' the us government used to fund its leader when he was fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and the whole middle east has legitimate long standing beefs against the US Government.

No, you cannot cite these people as entities that are 'against America' or say that, "they hate our freedoms".

Illegal immigration is a serious problem, but we must not conflate the issues.

We must recognize the problem of the Mexicans who want to take over parts of america by increments. Ask anyone from Trinidad, where the Chinese immigrants (all legal) have taken over that country from the people who have lived there for years. The Chinese there are completely legal and use democracy, legitimately to rule over that island.

If you allow Mexicans to come to the USA legally, they will eventually take over by the democratic process by sheer force of numbers.

How can this be stopped?

All bilingual measures must be outlawed. Everyone must speak English, and it must be the language of Government and the schools. I understand that now there are schools in the USA where Spanish is the language in which everything is taught. This is a VERY bad thing indeed, and in countries where the population is awake, there are very ferocious battles over this issue; just look up the language laws and conflicts that have been tearing Quebec apart for years to see what it looks like.

There must also be a complete moratorium on immigration from south America, until all those of that origin, and their children, who are in the usa legally have been fully 'americanized' and weaned off of the absurd, 'La Raza', 'Requonquista" balderdash.

If this is not done, in the end it will not matter if the immigration flood is legal or illegal. These people will use the tools of democracy to achieve their ends.

And then it will get REALLY ugly.

Judy Aron said...

Thanks for your comments..
Sorry but I disagree with your comments about Al Queda. They have been around for quite awhile under various names no doubt. And these folks run around crying "Death To America" because why? because they don't hate us? While I am not a fan of Bush and his foreign policy, Chavez has long been an Anti-American Socialist.

My meaning was to say that all of these anti-American factions have their own way of undermining our freedoms here. Don't you think they are already using our freedoms to destroy this country? They know that instilling fear via terrorism is the surest way to lock down our liberties because people will want things like ID cards and airport checks. They also know that the cost of security will be economic as well. They know full well what they are doing and they have already infiltrated here. I have previous posts on that as well. What irks me is that our government allows this. Why aren't people being tried for treason or sedition? Yes, we have freedom of speech, but some of the antics of these people are totally going unchecked and what is happening even in our universities is appalling.

Becoming a citizen should be a long and arduous process, and what ever happened to having to be sponsored before you can come here?. Perhaps that is why the process is the way it is. So people just don't become instant citizens to infiltrate.

I agree with you regarding elimination of bilingual measures. I don't appreciate seeing billboards in my country in another language other than English, and I don't agree with spending millions of dollars in printing up government documents in Spanish either.

A moratorium on who comes here is also something worth thinking about.

So, for what it's worth, I agree with you on some points and not others. And I also believe that it is not just Bush that has caused this problem - we have had too many past presidents who have allowed this unchecked flow of illegals into this country.

Anonymous said...

I sense great anger in you.

As a matter of emergency, you need to watch the following documentary:

The Power of Nightmares

Which explains the true origins of 'Al Queada' and the 'terrorist threat'.

Why do you think they call it 'al-CIA-duh'?

We all, none of us, have the luxury of sticking our heads in the sand and believing in fairy tales. These people are 'running around crying "Death To America" ' because 'America' has murdered their people and pillaged their countries for decades. Their chants have nothing to do with hate for its own sake or hate of American culture and the American way of life. It is all to do with American foreign policy and the people behind it. They do not, ABSOLUTELY do not 'hate us and our freedoms' they are patriots just like you, who hate being raped, murdered stolen from and bombed, just as any decent person would. And yes, they are all fundamentally decent, just as all Americans are. This is what mainstream America must come to accept if this nightmare is going to end; they do not hate you without reason - you are MAKING them hate you.

As for Hugo Chavez, the fact that he is a socialist is none of your business. What IS your business is the fact that America has been meddling in the affairs of South American countries for decades, and they despise you for it. Chavez in particular has a bone to pick with the Federal Government, because they have been actively trying to murder him and take over his country. You can use Google to find out all of this, and you really should do so, because this foreign policy is eating away at the body of America and you do not even know it. One day, you will simply wake up to find the body of America full of maggots and you will ask, "why has this happened to us?!".

You really need to understand the back story to all these countries and the relationship between them and America. You can bet that if your government is saying bad things about a country and its leader that there is a dirty secret behind it (most probably to do with oil or some other valuable natural resource). It is the same story every time, and since you are on the internet, you can check it all yourself.

You say that, "They know that instilling fear via terrorism is the surest way to lock down our liberties because people will want things like ID cards and airport checks." actually, it is the Federal Government that is doing all of this to you, not any foreign terrorist, and in any case all the real threats against the USA are legitimate and in response to American terrorism and warmongering. They want to destroy America economically because they know that they cannot get this evil empire off their backs in any other way.

Finally, what should 'irk' you is not that these people want to fight back against American hegemony, terror and wars of empire, but that your government is causing these problems in the first place. It should irk you that your fellow Americans are amongst the most ignorant people on this planet, and that they almost to a man, believe anything they see on the news and then regurgitate it as if it were the gospel truth. You say, "Why aren't people being tried for treason or sedition? Yes, we have freedom of speech, but some of the antics of these people are totally going unchecked and what is happening even in our universities is appalling." The people who should be tried for treason are the cabinet of King George W Bush. By saying this sort of thing you are almost conceding that the constitution needs to be suspended...just like General Pervez Musharaf is doing in Pakistan.

That is how they win, and how America dies. By your own hand....

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
~Abraham Lincoln

Think about it.

Judy Aron said...

anonymous - I am not angry - but you sure sound like it.

Interesting diatribe you have there.
Your are from the "it's all our fault" crowd - right? Sorry but your referred sources are no better than any other propaganda any of us can see. It is incredibly biased too (I watched the nightmare film - yawn - same 9-11 conspiracy noise). So how are you so sure that video is truth? Are you present in the rooms where government decisions are made? Are you privy to government confidential files? I'm not. And while I sure as heck don't approve of what we've meddled in while trying to be the world's policeman because liberals here want us to make sure other countries aren't abusing their women or blowing up religious icons or torturing dogs, I do see the value of meddling while other countries stand by silently while people are sent to gas chambers or committing genocide or bombing pizzerias, or are starving to death by their own government's hand. The appeasers in Europe haven't seem to have done much better then the US either in any of this, and in fact they are in worse shape right now. Islamo-fascists have run rampant through Europe and Europe is helpless. That's our fault too I bet. Give me a break. There's evil out there for sure, just as there are some impure intentions from our own leaders, but our country has been ivolved in doing some very good things too. You may not think so.

You wish me to believe that murderers who call themselves Islamic leaders are just everyday Joes who want peace for their families? Now who is naive? They have had plenty of opportunity to make peace. How many summits? How many conferences? How many UN meetings does it take? And somehow we are always to blame? Sorry - I am not buying that one at all.

Most people in their own country believe what they see in their news. The media is and has always been the biggest propaganda machine. Then there is the anti-American propaganda machine as well bankrolled by Socialists like George Soros. At least here we have some opportunity to see varying viewpoints, which is more than I can say for Venezuala or dozens of other places. At least here I can also listen to anti--American gibberish and foolish conspiracy theories as well as cheesy patriotic or pro-government videos if that's my desire. Our task is to try to discern the truth from it all. Not an easy task these days. We all find our own truths.

I will concede one thing - America has been meddling in too many foreign affairs for far too long... but so has every other major power.
Your point being???

You don't think Hugo Chavez's Communistic regime is any of my business? In the grand scheme of things you are correct - as long as he doesn't meddle in our affairs either - like trying to buy off states with "free oil". I don't like his brand of government and I don't appreciate his compadres trying to export it here either.

Fascist as well as Socialist/Communist factions are surely at work in our government, that's not news. Republican, Democrat it is all the same these days, which is why we should be seeking major changes in the way we do business. You've got no argument with me there. I'd like to see a constitutionalist like Dr. Paul at the helm instead of another member of the the Bush/Clinton dynasty. Heck I'd like to see the US Constitution honored - but unfortunately the American people are allowing this destruction to happen from within as well as from without (Al Queda and Chavez included) because they are too involved with Britney Spears ot the football games. Thankfully, there is a growing movement of people who have had enough of this madness; Everyday people who are sick of illegal immigration and planes being flown into buildings. And yet another problem is the American education system which teaches dependency and delivers a socialist agenda, like Al Gore's fantasy film.

Yes - America will die by it's own hand as long as we have people in government who are part of either the Fascist and Socialist extremes, and as long as we are stupid enough to keep electing them. You have no argument from me on that point.

I won't make apologies for Clinton/Bush appalling leadership, but I also won't say that all the hate that is fomenting in the world is all of our own making. What I will do is listen to what you and others have to say - make up my own mind and act locally and try to insure that our Constitution is some how preserved. It is the least any of us can do. At this point really how we all got into this mess is really not as important as how we can get out of it.

Anonymous said...

At this point really how we all got into this mess is really not as important as how we can get out of it.

I partially agree with you on this; how we got into this problem however, is where we do not agree. How we got into this mess is absolutely central to getting out of it and making sure we do not get back in.

You say you see the value of meddling while, "other countries stand by silently while people are sent to gas chambers or committing genocide or bombing pizzerias, or are starving to death by their own government's hand." You are refering to World War two and the concentraiotn camps and the bombing of Pizza Parlours in Israel Beileive. World War two was a properly declared war, so it cannot be classed as 'meddilng'. The unconditionala and ulimited funding of other countries I believe, counts as 'foreign entanglements' and should be stopped altogether.

I do not come from the "its all our fault" brigade. America is only responsible for the bad things that it has done, and nothing more. As for how I know that the facts in that documentary are true; this is not a philosophical debate. We can pick any one of a number of facts to verify, any of which is enough to cause outrage in decent people and which, if take together, would cause the sort of reactions we are seeing in the world today; the universal hatred of the American government and its wretched murdering foreign policy. It is an undisputed and admitted fact, (admitted by the CIA itself) that the US government overthrew the democratically elected secular government of Iran and replaced that government with a sham Monarchy. It is also a fact that the CIA established the brutal SAVAK secret service in Iran. Just that example alone shows that the sources who are pointing the finger at the corrupt American government are not 'making stuff up because they hate us', or that they are 'conspiracy theorists'. These are the facts, and anyone who believes otherwise is simply mistaken.

It is an absolute fact that 'everyday Joes' are the ones who are doing the works of the insurgency in Iraq. There is no disputing this. Teachers, bus drivers, lawyers, bakers; the ordinary citizens of that country, are defending themselvs against an occupying army. Americans would do the same if someone occupied their country, and no one from either country would prefer to live that way rather than live in peace. The summits conferences and UN meetings you refer to have done nothing to stop the myriad injustices and real humiliations that these people have had to suffer. Ignoring their torment is a mistake, and any American would never put up with what they have had to endure.

I also do not agree with using the phrase 'conspiracy noise'. The same accusation (false accusation) could be leveled at you for saying that "George Soros bankrolls the anti-american propaganda machine". I have no doubt that there are people who would label you a 'right wing conspiracy nut' for believing that, even though what you say is true, and you are in no way a nut. We all have to be careful about the off hand dismissal of information we do not like, or that does not jibe with our world view. It is difficult, but it absolutely must be done, and the only thing that matters in all of this is what the truth is. If George Soros is paying for propaganda, then we have to accept that, the same way we accept that Rupert Murdoch pushes his own agenda with News International. It also, sadly, means that we must accecpt truths that are very painful to accept, like the truth about WTC Building 7. No one wants these things to be true, but if they are, we are better off facing them rather than hiding from them.

What every other power does in the world is nothing to do with America. America must do the right thing and stop all interference in the affairs of other countries. Dr Paul would allow President Chavez to give away his oil to whomever he wants, and it is the right of every American and any state to accept it should they choose to. That is what a federated nation of independent states is all about; each state deciding for itself what it will and will not do on a local level.

All of these countries (like Venezuela) will live or die by their own hand, just like the Soviet Union did. It was an unsustainable, immoral agglomeration of countries under the heel of an inhuman political system, and any couuntry that tries to be like that, i.e. tries to determine the destiny of other countriesadn its own population by force, is doomed to the same fate; being broken up or absorbed, just like they are trying to do with the North American Union (another 'wacky conspiracy theory' similar to the "New World Order" according to pundits in the mainstraem news!) dimsantle America and subsume it into a horrible super state.

Our main focus should be to stop that from happening, get America out of the business of nation building and to try and open to other peoples's perspectives, otherwise, America is doomed, and that would be a very bad thing.

Judy Aron said...

Interesting comments for sure - and not all that I agree with either, but thought provoking nonetheless, and I will keep an open mind.

I will agree with you that this country's foreign policy has been miserable in many instances. I also think we are being blamed for doing things we probably were asked to do behind closed doors in return for other things. Many times we have "helped" only to be bitten later on - as when we supply "friends" with weapons and later they use them on us or some of our other "friends". Let's face it world leaders have enough blame to go around for all of the misery we have seen over the years. Mexico's poverty is not America's fault entirely. They have so much corruption and fail to take care of their own people. Personally I think that instead of demonstrating in our streets, the Mexicans ought to be demonstrating in their own streets.

Our leaders have made some grave mistakes and trusted people they should not have, which is exactly why our Founders knew it was best to stay out of entangling alliances. They certainly had wisdom with that.

Also whether it's Rupert Murdoch or George Soros or some other power hungry goon - to me it's same church different pew.

Anyway, suffice it to say I do appreciate your comments, and I do agree that we ought to be doing some very different things with our foreign policy. Of course there are times to get involved and there are definitely times that we ought to mind our own business.

Going back to my original post securing our borders is extremely important, as well as enforcing the laws we already have on the books instead of implementing new ones designed to punish illegals as well as American citizens.

Thanks again for your comments.

Rational Jenn said...

Judy--great post! I enjoyed it very much. Looters and parasites, indeed.