Friday, November 16, 2007

Spitzer's Driver's License Plan Crashes

It looks like there are reasonable beings in New York. The New York Post reports this:
With his poll numbers collapsing, Gov. Spitzer pullled the plug today on his controversial plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

... snip ...

Spitzer aides said the decision was made because the firestorm over the issue was blocking the governor's overall agenda, and there were serious concerns that various lawsuits, as well as threatened legislative action, would block the plan anyway.

There was also anxiety about the negative impact the issue was having on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign.

The decision to wave the white flag was cemented as a Siena Research Institute poll released yesterday showed Spitzer with his lowest approval ratings ever - with just 25 percent of voters saying they would support his re-election if the vote were held today.
With Spitzer's popularity numbers plummeting maybe he is getting the hint. Additionally, the plan put Hillary in so much hot water during the last debate that her state governor's plan had to get trounced. Or perhaps people are truly fed up with ridiculous government proposals such as this one.

This news story was about as good as the one about the Florida lawsuit which sought to allow women to wear a veil for their driver's license pictures. The courts ruled against that one and then later upheld that ruling in an appeals case. Later that year, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush signed legislation requiring a picture of a driver's full face on a license.

Thank goodness there is a shred of sanity in New York State (and Florida too).

Update: New York Times article

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Anonymous said...

Not only was the drivers license plan insane, there really was zero planning on the part of Spitzer's cabinet. They failed to factor in:

(1) The fact that the majority of the counties in New York State have County Clerks who issue licenses, and 95% of the clerks are Republican.

(2) The imminent presidential debates and the fact that Democrats are weak on immigration policy.

(3) The fact that the NYS Court of Appeals is solidly Republican, which does not bode well if there is a lawsuit against the plan.

(4) The plan was announced before the supposed "state of the art" scanners were tested, and before any funding was secured.

(5) Spitzer had not even finished that first year of a four year term, and that with the Joe Bruno scandal, Spitzer was desperately in need of some POSITIVE press.

(6) That of the seven states that have offered licenses to illegals, almost all have either scrapped or significantly revised the plan to include multiple tiers.

(7) The NYS voting form requires only a drivers license number to vote.

(8) NYS does not require proof of insurance for a drivers license.

(9) NY is home to the travesties of 911.

Mrs Mecomber said...

Wanna know the REALLY disgusting part? Spitzer's plan was ILLEGAL. This whole plan is against New York State law! That's why all the Upstate county clerks were up in arms over it. Spitzer used to be ATTORNEY GENERAL for New York! And here is is, pushing an ILLEGAL, EXECUTIVE order through the state!

I am not relieved he "waved his flag." I will be relieved when he faces the consequences of impeachment or jail!

mccommas said...

I don't think he will give up on the idea. I think he will try to pass it after the Presidential election.