Monday, November 19, 2007

Trade You My Vote For An iPod Touch

Can we chalk this up to be a result of a survey of immature "Gen Y'ers" or a real problem in how we have taught our youth to view their Constitutional right to vote? It looks like they would be pretty willing to trade that right away for some money or another materialistic trinket.

NYU students were polled and results revealed this:
Two-thirds say they'll do it for a year's tuition. And for a few, even an iPod touch will do.

That's what NYU students said they'd take in exchange for their right to vote in the next presidential election, a recent survey by an NYU journalism class found.

Only 20 percent said they'd exchange their vote for an iPod touch.

But 66 percent said they'd forfeit their vote for a free ride to NYU. And half said they'd give up the right to vote forever for $1 million.
So while many say their right to vote is important,they'd be just as satisfied to have some sort of trinket or monetary incentive not to cast their ballot.

In perusing the comments to this article I found my eye drawn to this one inparticular:
I can truly say as a university student, that these students at NYU make me want to throw up just reading this article. I see this as spitting on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery and all the other citizens that have served and died for this country. I could bet $100 that these students that would sell their vote are the exact same ones that are the biggest complainers of politicians (ie: Bush, Chaney, etc.) It just goes to show that just because you go to an elitist school, they have some of the dumbest pupils.
I don't know, but I find it a shame that these kids feel this way. Maybe as a poll it's really no big deal as polls go, but I wonder what other rights people are willing to trade away? How about personal freedom in the name of government protection?


christinemm said...

That is pathetic, to even be willing to trade a vote for some material thing or even cash.

We are all doomed, doomed, doomed, if this is our nation's future leaders, who will be in charge of our country when I'm old.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ouch! Maybe the kids don't feel their vote is worth very much because it doesn't seem to matter who they vote for, the country keeps going downhill politically.

Still, it's a sad day...

MikeT said...

I think I would give up my right to vote for $1M in cash, up front, if I didn't have to pay an income tax on it. Objectively speaking, my right to vote is worthless because we allow every moronic, demagogue-trusting Tom, Dick and Harry to vote. I have read up considerably, for my age, on political philosophy, current events, etc. and yet... my vote is easily lost in a sea of fools who will pull a straight ticket for either major party without thinking.

Answer this: why should I value my vote over $1M in cash on the barrel? Money is a better enabler of freedom than voting. Voting itself has not inherent tie to freedom.

What we should do is take these students at their word, pay them up, and disenfranchise them.