Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Single Payer Socialized Medicine Is Unhealthy Public Policy

Anyone promoting single payer socialized medicine as part of their presidential bid - or as part of their bid for a Congressional seat should be voted down. The video says it all.

Government run, Government managed, Government administered Socialized medicine for all is a failure.

People die from waiting.
We already provide the means to obtain health care for the poor and needy, especially children. We have Medicaid; we have Husky in CT. There is no need to expand programs that will bankrupt the taxpayer and provide substandard care to all.

If anything, we need more choices in health care, and that includes alternatives to the usual mainstream treatments as well! We need more nurses and doctors - who by the way, are either leaving the state in droves - or unavailable because of the lack of medical profession instructors. Let's fix the system that is broken - not by expanding it, but by addressing the issues that are crippling it.