Monday, January 14, 2008

Has Censorship Has Finally Come To The Internet?

And you thought it wouldn't happen.
It's happening.
The mainstream media is buying up pieces of the Internet, and will be filtering YOUR news.

It looks like CBS ( is working on a deal to acquire In the meantime they are partnering to cross report election coverage and news.

Case in point: I got this email from a friend of mine.
Apparently has been hijacked by CBS news. They took ALL of the Ron Paul articles and made them difficult to find, even the most recent ones with thousands of diggs. (CBS put McCain with 651 diggs as #1 !!!! )

They took Ron Paul's picture off of the candidates running....they won't show his name as having any delegates without additional searching!! The top diggs are to be broadcast on CBS....their agenda is being exposed. Their goal is to censor Ron Paul articles! Please tell everyone that this has happened to and demand that it be stopped!!!
Another person said:
There has been an obvious change in the way Ron Paul's items are being ranked. If you check out CBS's site you will immediately see the bias against Ron Paul there. He is not listed in the poll they are reporting (perhaps he wasn't a choice given in the poll) and his photo is not listed among the GOP contenders but they have placed a link of his name among the lowest tiered candidates. (Despite the fact that today he is polling in 4th place in Michigan ahead of Fred and Rudy!)

Worst of all, appears to be selectively aggregating DIGG content to their site. Anyone who uses DIGG knows that Ron Paul absolutely dominates their site - he is very popular with DIGG users. Yet Ron Paul stories are not showing up on CBS and there is new suspicion that now they are not being ranked correctly on DIGG.

The irony to here is that in theory Digg is a democratic site; one user one vote and a lot of discussion. It looks like the Main Stream Media will intercept the balance of that democratic site. This important and troubling because this signals the way that the MSM can and will control content and sharing on the Internet, which is how many of us have come to rely on getting "real" news.

Maybe its time to start using DIGG's competition. Perhaps we need to politely and diplomatically contact CBS, DIGG and other outlets regarding this biased coverage and other negative ramifications of an MSM buyout of DIGG to make people aware that their Internet sharing may be filtered in a biased manner.

Also, here is Ron Paul's DIGG profile in case you want to add him as a friend and keep him in his rightful position as the leading candidate of DIGG.
We cannot allow the media to control ANY election. We cannot allow Internet Censorship or manipulation, and you the public should be aware of what is happening here. The TV cable news is purposely keeping Ron Paul's name out of the news, even as he does better than Thompson and Giuliani in the polls. Ron Paul is a choice that is left off of polls - and he has more money than other campaigns! Yet we hear more about Fred and Rudy than we do Ron Paul.

I am not letting the media choose for me.

Why are Ron Paul supporters so passionate about him? One L.A. Times commenter said this:
We are rallying for smaller government.
We are rallying to reduce the National Debt so not to hamper our children.
We are rallying for our troops to come home from doing police work in Iraq.
We are rallying for an end to needless war against defenseless 3rd world countries that present no threat to our national security.
We are rallying for securing our borders and an end to the lip service.
We are rallying for our privacy and personal liberties back.

Most importantly, We are rallying for the Constitution and our country.

Our campaign is based on the positive. The media is the negative entity.

The fact that the media is controlling this election should be concern enough to all of us. Can anyone honestly say how the media can call an election when only 25% of the votes have been reported???
Think about it.
And then read this article.

Something is definitely rotten and it isn't just in the State of Denmark. (apologies to Shakespeare)