Friday, January 25, 2008

The CT Republican Straw Poll

Here were the results (also posted at the Everyday Republican Here and Here):

Romney 136
McCain 104
Paul 96
Guiliani 34
Huckabee 9
Thompson 2
Hunter 1

Well, it was a fun night. There were a ton of Ron Paul supporters there, so I am a little surprised at the results... but be that as it may, Romney came up on top and Rudy and the Huckster did very poorly by comparison... As for McCain, well, moderate New England Republicans tend to like him. I have to say after seeing him in New Hampshire I was not impressed by him at all.

Despite Hunter and Thompson dropping out, they still had supporters.
Now that's loyalty.

When we submitted our straw poll ballots we got to stick our fingers on a blue ink stamp pad to show we voted.... just like the Iraqis did. (eye roll)

But seriously, the Middletown GOP did a great job hosting this event.

The Ron Paul Balloon Team was there too.. (pictures can be seen at Everyday Republican)

Thank you Chairman Healey for a terrific Republican event - can we have more like that??

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